Sun Simiao’s hobby understand beauty through God for rain – Beijing

Sun Simiao’s "hobby" understand "beauty" through God for rain – Beijing Zhao Qijin according to the "new book of Tang" records, was born in suikai Huang first year (AD 581 years) Sun Simiao was quick to learn, a great memory, at the age of 7, one thousand words, and proficient in all classes of authors. Because of the frail, home to give him medical treatment, to go bankrupt. Sun Simiao had learned that "life to your daughter," the truth. Then, he devoted his life to the study of clinical medicine, is well versed in the inside and outside, women, children, facial features, acupuncture subjects, twenty-four achievement created a precedent in the history of Chinese medicine. More important is Sun Simiao noble ethics, to his patient, "all alike, as supreme", "Hua Zhi Yiyu, poor are the same", and realize their life ethics, is the founder of China’s medical ethics, the West called "father of medicine". Sun Simiao and his fame, repeatedly rejected official call. Professor Sui Wendi Sun Simiao "said the officer, the disease can not afford"; Tang Gaozong was knighted for the emperor; to his counsellor doctor, he "from" Guci, devoted himself to medicine. Thus, the Sui and Tang Dynasties a few officials, but China history has an outstanding master of medicine. Some ancient records of Sun Simiao novels also very interesting anecdotes. Tang Lirong Liu Su of the Tang Dynasty, "alone disloyalty" "new anecdotes of the Tang Dynasty" had been recorded, "the Songyang Zhao Si Miao, the flying chapter, the evening rain drop." The book says, under Wu Zetian, suffered a severe drought, Wu Zetian from Luoyang picked up thousands of virtuous monks into the song "Tian Gong Si Wang" by the rain. There are two hair, eyebrows are white the old monk told the host monk they were. This rain no, there must be a "Zhang Shu smell, so heavy". Wu Zetian would send the way Sun Simiao in Songshan, Sun Simiao quickly wrote a memorial to the emperor in the evening, it began to rain. In addition to the extraordinary ability to pass the God of rain, Sun Simiao also anthroposcopy. "Alone disloyalty" that Sun Simiao was the sun Tang Gaozong, the assistant minister’s five sons are seen about phase, makes a prediction of their future, and has been verified. Even more amazing is that Sun Simiao is the young Lu Qiqing to see the match will do Prince Zhan, after 50 years will be transferred to the local official, his grandson will be their subordinates. Sure enough, Lu Qiqing made it three Prince Zhan, when the governor of Xuzhou, and his grandson sun Pugang is under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou Xiaoxian county. However, Sun Simiao has only one music, when the right time ", and urge the parties not to take it seriously. Of course, Sun Simiao know about "rain" and "anthroposcopy" records almost always suspect the authenticity of the myth, also not really right. But Sun Simiao invented the "cosmetic products", "beauty" is understood as sure as a gun. Sun Simiao in the "Thousand Golden Prescriptions for emergencies" and "Qian Jin Yi Fang" mentioned in the "bath beans" method: "a hand and bath beans: cortex dictamni, Bombyx Batryticatus, aconite root, angelica, peony, Atractylodes, Radix Aristolochiae, Dr Gan Song, white sandalwood incense…… Chicken, Bai Qimei face three liters, but first to taste right and violence to pancreatic stem, then the drug for vibrating sieve powder, and.相关的主题文章: