Strange stories small 11 famous father to a huge signing fee

"Strange stories" small 11 famous father to sign the huge Femily fame is also behind a bitter tears, the Millie family moved to Orlando in support of Millie Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 14th news, according to foreign media reports, the 12 year old girl Millie · Bobbi · Brown (Millie Bobby Brown) with the U.S. "strange stories" (Strange Things) has became popular, there is no sign of the brokerage company she has also become the potential customers of many senior brokerage companies rush. Millie’s father, however, has set up a huge "barrier" for these companies: to sign Mr Millie, they have to pay a $100 thousand fee. Since Xiu Lan · Deng Boer’s age, many stars parents put their children as a shake Qian Shu, but Millie · Bobbi · Brown’s father has reached a new height. Millie with "strange stories" fame, but the only 12 year old child didn’t sign a recent Hollywood brokerage company, some major brokerage firms have also contacted the Millie family, hope to be able to sign the Hollywood the most potential star. However, Millie’s father Robert had put a request that they be startled at: to sign Millie, brokerage companies have pulled out signing fee of $100 thousand, there have been five different agencies to the Hollywood reporter confirmed it. Ask for a signature fee is not illegal, but this requirement is contrary to the regulations. In general, brokerage firms will cut 10% of the proportion of the draw, in order to sign a number of important stars, but pay the signing fee, but it seems to open the Pandora box". A senior practitioner from big brokerage firms said they would never touch the bottom line. Brown, a spokesman confirmed that the news is true, he said that the reason why the proposed Robert, is to get someone outside the circle crazy proposal". Millie’s parents are British, and in the United Kingdom, the sports brokerage company signed a huge signing fee of football star has been the unspoken rules of the industry. Robert said before the interview, he went on to train Millie Xingtu once made a lot of sacrifices. Robert believes his daughter to become a star, so he sold his family moved from England to the United States Orlando. Came to the United States after Millie had some opportunities, guest starred on "Grey’s Anatomy" (Grey s Anatomy), "modern family" (Modern Family), "NCIS" (NCIS) such as u.s.. However, in addition to the guest the opportunity, Millie until last year is unknown to the public, not won what an important role, it is her own backyard, complain about family. The first is Millie’s sister can’t bear life in the United States, first home away from the family, then the parents of Millie also ran out of money to help broker a living. Last summer, the Millie family had no money and had to move back to England, where they had to live with Millie相关的主题文章: