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State Department: sudden danger Yixieqianli pounds Asian clients view the latest market early review: $Chonggao, non US shocks upward, short-term recovery. The euro against the dollar bottomed at 1.1100 level, currently trading at 1.1140 level; Japan down to below 112, currently trading at 112.30 level; the pound against the dollar to refresh the lowest level in 7 years, currently trading at 1.4115 level; gold dropped after stabilized at 1202 level, currently trading at 1220. On the weekend after the British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that June 23rd will be held in the British retreat European referendum, in the open market on the gap of shorting the pound, the European currencies such as the euro, the Swiss franc, a devaluation. In the disc gap of more than 130 pounds, then fell nearly 230 points, refresh in 2009 March to a new low. In this regard, the market entered an emergency hedge period, the stock market down, hedge asset favor. After the standard high down, the Asian stock market fell significantly, gold futures bottomed out above 1200, short-term upward of nearly 20 U.S. dollars. 23 days midday, the yen rose crazy, Japan hit a low of 112. Commodity currency, there is a big rise. The market closed today: today’s important financial events: no focus today: financial data time state and data before the actual value is expected to 23:00 U.S. home sales in January annualized rate (%) of 14.7 to 0.73 23:00 announced the U.S. February Conference Board consumer confidence index 98.1 97.5 23:00 to be released into the United States in January home sales in the total number of (million) 546550 to be announced today recommended transaction currency: analysis of EURUSD Technology: Europe and the United States peaked, currently testing 61.8 support level 1.10, short-term shocks; the average short order, deviation is too large, there is the opportunity to break through the main callback. Below, focus on test support 1.10 and 1.0960 support, overhead resistance and 1.1080 resistance above. GBPUSD: the United States is in the downward trend, the current breakthrough before the low, down obviously; average convergence to turn to, short after the market can be expected. Top of the average resistance and resistance of the whole point of 1.4200; below attention to 1.4050 support and 1.40 support. AUDUSD: Australia is in the upward trend, short-term pullback, before the test of high strength resistance; average long, low strong buying attention interval breakthrough. Top attention front high resistance 0.7250; lower attention average brace and 23.6 horizontal support 0.7205. GOLD: the current volatility in the gold triangle, in high pressure after the above weakness; selling strong, long-term breaking risk. The top 1224 resistance and the triangle top resistance; the bottom triangle bottom support and the whole point support 1201. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean that.

国汇亚洲:英镑一泻千里 险情突如其来 客户端 查看最新行情   早间回顾:   美元冲高回落,非美震荡上冲,短期收复失地。欧元兑美元止跌于1.1100水平,当前交投于1.1140水平;美日下行至112下方,当前交投于112.30水平;英镑兑美元刷新7年新低,当前交投于1.4115水平;黄金大幅下调后止跌于1202水平,当前交投于1220。   继上周末英国首相卡梅伦宣布6月23日将举行英国退欧公投之后,市场在休憩的间隙马不停蹄的抛空了英镑,相关的欧系货币如欧元、瑞郎等一应贬值。英镑于亚盘跳空130余点,随后又狂跌近230点,刷新2009年3月份来新低。对此,市场进入紧急避险期,股市出现下调,避险资产获得青睐。继标普冲高回落之后,亚洲股市出现较大下跌,黄金期货则止跌于1200上方,短期上冲近20美金。23日午盘时分,日元疯狂上涨,美日一度触及112低位。商品货币方面,则出现较大上扬。   今日休市市场:   无   今日重要财经事件:   无   今日焦点财经数据:   时间  国家与数据  前值  预计  实际   23:00  美国1月成屋销售年化月率(%)  14.7  0.73  待公布   23:00  美国2月谘商会消费者信心指数  98.1  97.5  待公布   23:00  美国1月成屋销售总数年化(万户)  546  550  待公布   今日推荐交易标的:   货币技术分析   EURUSD:欧美触顶回落,当前测试61.8水平支撑1.10,短期震荡;均线空头排列,乖离偏大,有回调机会,以突破为主。下方关注测试支撑1.10和1.0960支撑;上方关注均线阻力和1.1080强阻力。   GBPUSD:镑美处于下行趋势,当前突破前低,下行明显;均线收敛拐向,后市空头可期。上方关注均线阻力和整点阻力1.4200;下方关注1.4050支撑和1.40支撑。   AUDUSD:澳美处于上行趋势,短期回调,测试前高强阻力;均线多头排列,低位买盘较强,关注区间突破。上方关注前高阻力0.7250;下方关注均线支撑和23.6水平支撑0.7205。   GOLD:黄金当前处于震荡三角,于高位承压后走弱;上方卖盘强势,长期下破风险较大。上方关注1224阻力和三角顶部阻力;下方关注三角底部支撑和整点支撑1201。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: