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Small meat in the Tian – aunt Li Na’s win hearts on the sewing machine of small meat in the Tian Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news the evening of November 9th 21:10, the first celebrity public service program "us" Ninth will be broadcast on Jiangsu tv. This episode will teach you the waste DIY, give them new life. They’re not trash, they’re the treasure you lost. Tian, Li Na take you step by step and begin to transform treasure. Tian, Li Na hunt, Li Na Tian test. DIY was assigned to find the legendary "treasures", leaving the teacher visited Shanghai City Xiaojiang Laogang waste disposal center. The waste disposal center covers an area of twenty-nine point five square kilometers, which is larger than Macao, with a total area of about zero point three square kilometers. In addition to covering an area of large, strong odors also let in the Tian, Li Na was shocked, for the words of "Tian is a rotten egg, I really can’t breathe". Garbage everywhere mess is also has a lot of valuable items, which is what we want to find the treasure. To understand the "treasure", in the Tian, Li Na rushed to the green environmental protection guidance center Lingyun housewife learning "transformation law". They decided to separate action, Li Na is responsible for the production of milk cartons with learning apron with the peel enzyme. There is a hidden sewing machine at the foot of every man who loves to shake his legs. Apparently, Li Na belongs to a man who does not love his legs. The first contact of sewing machine Li Na’s dialect was scared out of her too hard. On the other side in the Tian in the rain with enzyme production of fertilizer water flowers, be enthusiastic aunt Shanghai hustled the removed recovery old sweater weaving new. And straight in the Tian "music" for the first time up knitting a sweater, this picture really makes people laugh. Aunt Tian tube called "little meat, also wants to pull in Tian Shanghai son-in-law. This charity trip to Tian harvest is not small, not only learn how to refuse DIY waste to treasure, also won the Shanghai aunt heart. To participate in the program Li Na deep feeling in the Tian SOP from landfill to the green environmental protection housewife guidance center, let Tian and Li Na realized the waste is misplaced resources. Tian said "hope to have more people involved, there are more people to know such a thing, let us all not to use the unused items, can be two times to use. Let’s get rid of the rubbish in our life, make our rubbish field smaller and smaller." Li Na said, "these are the treasures in the city, but we put them in the wrong place. The value of a lot of things, in fact, is how we look at it, I think you have a correct understanding of the value of the heart is very important." Garbage is more than rubbish. The evening of November 9th 21:10, Jiangsu satellite TV, "we are together" the ninth period, we follow in the Tian, Li Na together with the DIY, found treasure in life.相关的主题文章: