Small aunt 27 NBA basket special reminder Pioneer home big separation

Small aunt 27 NBA basket color to remind: Portland home court large small aunt separated from the beginning of November 20th in today’s headlines every day to send some nbA some special data, including weather, injury, against the data, let the disc, the variation of SP value and a series of strange situation, every one of you basically betting can help. I hope you like it. Of course, if there is any other data can tell me, I will try to meet everyone! 1, the Cavaliers in the new season, winning and losing the game, only 4 games away, but they have lost the game for the 3 time, the most important thing is that all the 4 small points away from the road, this need to pay attention to the. Nearly 3 times in 12.5 that knight bets 1 wins and 2 negative. Frye’s funeral home, may not. 2,76 people embid Germany tomorrow they return, the eastern bottom, only 4 wins and 12 losses, only 11 home court tournament 8 times win, this data can be. The 2 teams played against each other in the last 10 games, although the team lost the first 8 times, but there were 8 times to win the game, which was unexpected. 3, the king has been in the past 9 games to win the 7 handicap, but the nets as if 6 consecutive losing and lose bets, but they nearly 10 Game 7 big data easily hit. 4, the 2 team of nearly 9 games, the Nets beat 8 times handicap, no matter what, no matter where in the face of what competitors are so kazakhstan. 5, the Clippers are more and more people cannot read, they nearly 6 war has lost 5 odds. But a little relieved that they nearly 9 war hit the big points of the 8, very good. 6, on the survival of the home court was also occupied, they nearly 10 home court and lost 6 times, but 7 times made small, relatively good Kazakhstan, we grasp the opportunity! 7 bucks, the road has always been poor, they lost 4 of 5 games, including the 4 field have all lost disk 4, have all made small, this can get. 8, the magic game is small the pronoun of Kazakhstan, they played 11 minor points in 16 games, the Celtics and almost every time, you may wish to catch small enough. Good use of billom yibaka and bo. 9, the magic at home seems to be a bit of a big bucks, the 10 time to win the next 9, we may wish to catch up with the bucks. 10, the state of bursting, nearly 10 win 7 handicap, their last win rate is also very good. Coupled with the current injury their holiday return, fighting capacity can not be overlooked. 11, the Mavericks have been the 8 consecutive defeat, which is only the first to win the disk, very poor performance of the 1. Home games 5 games and small points are the 4. 12, the pioneers only need to remember to remember the big points, the other do not consider. They played nearly 8 home court 7 times! 13, the Rockets win at rate of 10 ha disc, away 6 times easily win the handicap, this is a big data. 14, the Lakers are back to back games for 3 consecutive days of competition have great physical challenge to the personnel. They had 12 points in the 17 game, which must be focused on. 15, the eagle is a small branch of the king, the 16 games actually相关的主题文章: