Siu Chung Mok issued a document and then denounced Catherine Hung the truth arrived but false word ( vstart

Siu Chung Mok issued again denounced Catherine Hung: the truth, but arrived in "pseudo" character Siu Chung Mok Catherine Hung and son of the map screenshot micro-blog Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media "East network" reported on November 6th, artist Siu Chung Mok earlier on micro-blog suddenly issued a document, he had 17 years ago, he was unmarried son of the old love Catherine Hung fired, Catherine Hung expressed dissatisfaction over the years, often black himself, afterwards he also uploaded a just born son Zhang Haofeng (former name Haolian Mo and Zhang Haolian), and Mo mother hold a photo of Zhang Haofeng, Catherine Hung was back to Canada alone, give the baby baby reports. Catherine Hung also responded after micro-blog said that he wanted to protect his family, said Siu Chung Mok’s behavior is equivalent to the use of his son, so that the son is very sad! Originally thought that things have come to an end, who knows Siu Chung Mok again in the November 6th micro-blog voice, said the truth is a "pseudo" word, he said that the future will live a good life, Siu Chung Mok wrote: "I do not know is not the truth always ridiculous, but arrived in a" pseudo original "word, people only I believe you believe rather than real is black and white! This time I was too rigid. Thank you with some say "justice" selfish people let me wake up what is "human nature" and "society". Thank you for your support and care for my friends and fans, I will live with you in the future. Finally bless you." Trial 17 years! Siu Chung Mok Catherine Hung called poke unmarried.相关的主题文章: