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Russian Institute to build the integration platform for training, master and doctor service personnel – two colleges in New Beijing, November 15 Harbin Xinhua (reporter Wang Shu Yang Tuo) 15, Heilongjiang University officially announced, the demand for the development of better service comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia, approved by the Ministry of education Chinese, the school from Russia the college was founded in 2011, after more than 5 years of teaching, has successfully set up ", the master and doctor" integration platform, cultivating professional talents + Russian "for China and russia. "The urgent need to introduce Russian education resources and the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia to develop Sino Russian Academy was established; the Chinese Heilongjiang University is Chinese the earliest cultivation of Russian senior specialized personnel of the University, with 70 years of Russian education tradition; National University of Novosibirsk, Russia is working closely with the country’s only Academy of Sciences College the school teachers for the Siberia branch of the Russian Academy of sciences researchers, known as the" Silicon Valley of russia". In recent years, with China and Russia in the field of development cooperation more closely, it also allows a communication problem to be solved — understand Russian language talents do not understand the professional knowledge, and understand the professional talents and sad "language". "The establishment of Sino Russian Academy is to break the barriers between the two countries development, adopted operation mode of the Sino Russian joint management, co culture, culture road go" professional + Russian "compound international talents." Black Russian Dean Jia Xujie told Beijing reporters, the school has set up chemical engineering and technology, applied physics, biology, mathematics and applied mathematics, finance and law 6 professional. The college admissions are taken after the Sino Russian sharing of teachers, curriculum sharing, sharing teaching mode of cooperation, completed in Chinese, and began to strengthen domestic language professional knowledge training, fourth semester 70% courses by the Russian teachers to teach Chinese, then went to Russia for the various fields of expertise to deepen the culture. "Since the establishment of the Institute, after more than 5 years of teaching and education exploration, has finally formed" successfully set up the training platform, the master and doctor ‘integration, since the official opening of the training service in the development of Sino Russian "colleges" road of talent." Jia Xujie said. In addition, Jia Xujie also told Beijing reporters, in addition to the current Sino Russian school built ", the master and doctor" integration platform in Yucai areas outside of the 6 professional schools currently offering has also been developing bilateral and practice areas realize talents docking. "In addition to study students, graduates not only serves in the cooperation between China and Russia, has been more evident in the" The Belt and Road countries’ cooperation, employment for many enterprises in the construction, ship, railway, ZTE such enterprises and institutions of the state." Jia Xujie said that the Sino Russian Academy of law just reached a new agreement with the local arbitration institutions in Harbin, the intention of the transfer of personnel training, training services international arbitration cases both understand the law, but also understand the Russian professionals. (end)相关的主题文章: