Sichuan, an important channel of the Syrian highway planning and location of the letter of approval

Sichuan an important site submissions approved Sichuan online news channel Syria Chuan Wei highway planning (reporter Luo Senbo Luo Zhiyang) September 23rd, reporters from the Xuyong County Department of transportation was informed that Syria Wei highway planning and site selection has been approved by the provincial housing department approved (micro-blog). According to the approval documents of the expressway from Xuyong County town of East Cape near the station, the variation of Y and interchange of Naqian Expressway connected by long seedling, Jiancao, long dam, water diversion, the river is located in the end point shuanghezhen Xuyong Fenshui town and Weixin County in Yunnan province at the junction of Yunnan and Xuyong to the prestige (exit the highway link). Syria Wei highway as "Sichuan province highway network planning (2014-2030)" an important channel of Sichuan, a total length of 36.145 kilometers, the investment budget of 4 billion 900 million yuan, more than 58.58% bridges, 1 interchange hub set across the board (General Station), landing 3 exchange (Yingshan, Jiancao, water). After the completion of the project will effectively connect the southern Sichuan, Yunnan North resource rich area, is of great significance to promote the North South Sichuan Yunnan’s economic and social development and poverty alleviation and development in Wumeng mountainous area. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the future of how to read the toll road development?相关的主题文章: