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What Services To Get From Tree Service Experts? Almost all homeowners who decide to plant trees around their yards because it is providing additional homey feel and ambience that give their property an attractive and appealing look. On the other hand, there comes a time when homeowners have to remove one or more trees. Some of the common reasons for these is that the tree may be rotting, dead or if it grown too high and now become a nuisance to others and may potentially cause structural damage or accident. The entire process of removing the tree isn’t an easy service regardless of what your reasons are. Trying to remove a full grown tree is rarely a walk in the park. When it comes to tree service, expect that it will require the use of the right equipment and know-how as well in an effort to guarantee that no damage would be done to the soil. This procedure is much more delicate when you want to transfer the tree to a new place as you need to have it removed without killing it whether you believe it or not. And when it comes to transportation, experts in tree removal are going to inform you that you have to prepare the soil around the tree before you start digging it out. In an effort to let the root ball be damp, you need to drench the soil several feet away from the trunk which can help in preventing unnecessary stress to the plant, which provides easier removal. This is when you need to dig to the soil that is surrounding the tree very carefully after this is done. Be sure that you will not hit any roots that are within the 3 foot space near the trunk, otherwise, it may result to unwanted consequences.
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And for the next part, place burlap material under the root ball and then, try pulling it out of the hole with care and put it down close to the hole. Be sure to use pruning shears to cut off fronds from the lower crown. You need to take out half the crown’s leaves to be able to prevent evaporation or transpiration of water from its leaves throughout transplanting. You have to secure the fronds remaining and burlap but, be sure that they’re not too tightly wound.
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The process can be more time consuming and harder when it comes to removing dead trees or rotten trees. The reason behind this is the fact that it consist of 2 stages. As for stage one, it is about cutting down the tree efficiently and safely at the same time, while for the second stage, the stump has to be taken out completely.