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Shen Zhenxu twice a year blocked four South Korean talent has no fertile soil of South Korea Zhenxu Shen cutting-edge sina sports twenty-first LG Cup quarter finals, South Korea 00 teenager Zhenxu Shen easily beat China midfielder Meng Tailing, second time world series into the semi-finals. In today with another China master Dang Yi fly in the semi-final, he spread a dragon in half a chessboard melee kill, no further distance, his first world champion title remains elusive. Born in 2000, Shen Zhenxu is South Korea chess under the high hopes of the next king ", at the end of last year he won the largest South Korean chess LetsRunPark cup, a master in South Korea fully deserve the best in this year, climbing on the level of third high, are expected to will form a" double arrow "and Pu Tinghuan, assume China against great heroes. Won the LetsRunPark cup, Shen Zhenxu put it into the world finals in two or three years, and Ke Jieyi compete. This year he was the target of this work on a way to reach the semi-finals, Braun cup, Asian Cup Kuaiqi runner up, the new Austrian cup has become in the last remaining South Korea’s only child, and then into the LG cup semi-final. But Chen Yaoye was in the Braun Cup semi-final, Samsung Cup defeat van Yunruo, Shen Zhenxu shows tender — don’t talk kija, now Chinese class good enough to stop his hands certainly no less than ten people. To Chinese currently ranked 44 in the party Yifei in LG lost the semi-final today, South Korean chess just inflated "Shen Zhenxu will become the strongest" desire is also poured a pot of cold water. Objectively speaking, Shen Zhenxu two times this year reached the world series four record has been fairly well in the 00 chess player, his strength should be second to none. However, from the perspective of saving Korea go, he reached the height, compared with the South Korean genius is still a gap. Since the world series was founded, the South Korean players from the four kings of old, to Li Shishi and Pu Tinghuan, are early in the competition on the world famous. After several generations of South Korea’s players into world championship semi-finals, often quickly climbed to the top of the world champion. Occupation chess world series was founded in 1988, Cao Xunxuan beat Kobayashi Koichi in August 23, 1988 scored first on the Cup semi-finals, it is his second world tour contest. Semifinals in November of the year 20, on the 22 day, Cao Xunxuan even under the city of Jan Lamb, 2 to 0 victory over the final victory in the game, winning the title of the winner of the championship, the city of the United States, the city of China in the United States and the United States and the United States, the city of China, the first half of the world cup in the United States. Xu Fengzhu in 1989 second Fujitsu cup for the first time in the semi-finals, semi-final defeat Jan Lamb. He once again to the semi-finals of the second in 1992 on the Cup semi-final, 2 to 1 over the next year’s final 3 CHO Chikun, more than 2 winner Otake Hideo summit. In April 14, 1991, Li Changgao beat Qian Yuping, scored third session of Toyo securities cup. The semi-final in June of that year 13, 15, 17, 2 than 1 defeated Li Changgao Cao Xunxuan, the final 3 wins 2 Jan Lamb cup. Liu Changhe in 1993 sixth Fujitsu cup for the first time to reach the semi-finals, semi-finals and a half out of light road three)相关的主题文章: