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She used the "broken homes" to subvert the lives of millions of Japanese, actually originated on Chinese cultural understanding of   the Phoenix Phoenix TV website will enjoy private | new media platform in the mobile phone can also see! "Phoenix Culture Garden" broken homes   swept the world of life; finishing operation, change the mind in action, Bao Pu Shouzhuo, physical and mental freedom, practice "broken homes", Phoenix TV interview with Yamashita Eiko.     if you want to be happy, you need to let go of the happiness. Off, stop negative thinking; homes to follow their own heart, let go both; from the release of the "more is better". Yamashita Eiko used a concept to subvert the life of the Japanese people, and all of these sources are deeply influenced by Chinese traditional culture. Buddhism said eight bitter, there are one hundred and eight kinds of trouble, that is our life born with their lives, even past the past all sorts of "industry", these things have caused us the trouble of life. This kind of trouble, how can we get rid of it, then in accordance with the Buddhist statement, is an empty word. Kung Fu Master Bruce Lee said, you must always empty the cup, in order to continue to fill. There is a Yamashita Eiko in Japan, she was a tutor any how to organize their own living space of the counselor, she from the middle of such a life arrangement of art and behavior, we realized that people should know their own minds all sorts of trouble, there are three Kung Fu, is three words, broken care from. Three words and greed, hatred and ignorance to come. So what is broken away? How does Yamashita Eiko’s broken home in Japan subvert the lives of millions of people and change people’s mentality? 1 Chinese is deeply influenced by the traditional culture of   "broken homes" originated from the "Lao Tzu"     childhood yingzi mountain, not in the relationship between the parents, spend with the family atmosphere of tension. Memory, the home environment has been a mess, as if all the objects in this atmosphere is injured. Grow up, the mountain was admitted with honors Waseda University Department of literature, which makes her a chance to push the learning and thinking of human nature, Chinese traditional culture has influenced her, "broken homes" of the ideological roots formed a big part of the forty-eighth chapter "Lao Tzu".   Yamashita Eiko "Lao Tzu" the forty-eighth chapter is very important for me that is far-reaching, if want to increase the knowledge, to learn every day to increase; but if you want to enhance the words of wisdom, every day to do subtraction, is reduced, "Lao Tzu" is not to preach, but how to give knowledge on their own terms, if not attached to the application, there is no meaning, just put a lot of knowledge of their own watch protected, it doesn’t make any sense, put the knowledge into practice, and then into their own intelligence, which is the meaning of their own. So the knowledge into wisdom, this is the "Lao Tzu" the most important one education. And for most people, is a very difficult thing, many people do not.   2 went to the temple by accident;相关的主题文章: