Shanghai will fully implement the old real estate registration certificate continues to be effective

Shanghai will be the full implementation of real estate registration card to old Sohu morning news trainee reporter Hu Ying approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s government, since October 8, 2016, the full implementation of unified registration of immovable property system. Shanghai city planning and Land Resource Management Bureau under the Shanghai municipal real estate registration office for the registration of real estate agencies, district and county real estate registration center by the Shanghai City Real Estate Registration Bureau commissioned specifically for real property registration affairs within the scope of jurisdiction. In October 8th, the full implementation of the unified registration of immovable property, real estate registration by the registration of real estate replacement, real estate certificates and the registration certificate issued to stop the release of "real property certificate" and "real estate registration certificate". According to the principle of "do not change", the implementation of the unified registration of real estate before the issuance of various types of real estate ownership certificate, registration certificate continues to be valid, the right does not change, the certificate does not change. To facilitate the work of the masses of the enterprise, in accordance with the "convenience, make full use of existing resources" principle, the county existing real estate transaction hall adjustment for real estate transactions registration hall, real estate registration window adjustment for real estate registration acceptance window, acceptance of real estate registration business. June 12th, the city of Fengxian District in the first implementation of a unified real estate registration system, as of September 27th, Fengxian District issued a total of 7380 real estate certificates and real estate registration certificate of the 11166. – what is real estate and real estate registration? "Real estate registration Provisional Regulations" refers to the real estate, land and sea, housing, trees, etc.. Real estate registration referred to in the Provisional Regulations on real estate registration refers to the act of the real estate registration agency to record the ownership of real property and other legal matters in accordance with the law. The registration of real estate and real estate registration? The unified registration of immovable property is originally scattered in various departments of land, housing, agriculture, forestry, marine and the integration of real estate registration duties shall be borne by the real estate registration department, in accordance with the unified basis, in the unified registration system for all types of real estate registration, real property right certificate issued unified. After the implementation of real estate registration, the original registration of real estate adjustment for real estate registration, management processes and requirements basically unchanged. – what are the rights of real estate registration? (1) the collective land ownership, (2) ownership of houses and other buildings, building, forest, forest ownership (3), (4) of farmland, woodland, grassland and other land contracting right of management, (5) the construction land use rights, land use right (6), (7) the right to use the waters. (8) easements, mortgages (9), (10) the law requires other immovable property rights registration. – what are the types of real estate registration? Real estate registration includes the first registration, change of registration, transfer of registration, cancellation of registration, correction registration, objection registration, notice of registration, registration, registration, etc.. What is the application – real estate registration procedures? Application for registration and acceptance of the registration book issued warrants. – where to apply for registration of real estate? Real estate.相关的主题文章: