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Shanghai Pujiang Town, a hotel employee was detained follow-up: Ten – Beijing, Pujiang Town, a hotel staff were following: ten is director of community comprehensive management center detention was dismissed by "Pujiang town a hotel staff were beaten, the event has a subsequent progress. According to media reports, at present, Pujiang town government and enterprises involved in Shanghai City fan Service Management Company Limited "lift the town of Pujiang city environment comprehensive service area Duhang contract, and the director of the Pujiang Center for community comprehensive management of town of Du administrative office. Reporters yesterday from the Minhang public security confirmed that someone 10 people have been under criminal detention. In the previous friends broke the news of the video, is located in the town of Minhang District, Pujiang Chang Lin Road, a restaurant in October 7th this year, suffered more than wearing the city of man hit the word. A number of men beaten store 3 employees, and will store the glass door, dining table, bowl and other smashed and 2 shop employees was being pushed to the ground. It is reported that, in March 18th, the people’s Government of Minhang District Town, Pujiang City, the town of the city hall on behalf of the city’s comprehensive environmental services market operation of the project to open tender. May 1st, Shanghai City fan Service Management Company Limited formally integrated services related to city environment in Duhang area, services include city amenities, order maintenance inspections, exposed garbage removal, in the town of city management "linkage", and to assist the relevant departments for community comprehensive management center du to carry out the appearance and environmental protection and comprehensive management action. After the company was relieved of the contract, the current Pujiang town government has re open tender. In the meantime, Du line area governance will be temporarily Chen Hang, Lu Hui District related departments on behalf of management. Pujiang town government said that after the incident, the government departments will strictly sort out the relevant rules and regulations, to further standardize the work of comprehensive management. Shanghai Legal Daily reporter Ji Zhangying comprehensive report相关的主题文章: