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Seven contrast to help you choose good cabinet savvy consumers do?? now the highlight on the decoration of the kitchen, cabinets in this piece, there is because the custom cabinets can choose their own demands, so everyone’s favorite, that how to select high-quality customized cabinets??? Than material?? often use homemade cabinets ordinary plate and ordinary hardware accessories, so the production of ordinary furniture, used for making kitchen cabinets, it will be difficult to resist the high temperature and humidity and corrosive materials. The professional cabinet with high humidity resistant fire board, not easy deformation and damage, and easy to clean. Therefore, the production of professional manufacturers in a few years after the cabinet, in a style of the door, it is equivalent to a new set of cabinets. ?? Than?? in general, including a whole kitchen lampblack machine, gas stoves, washing pool and other large, including some suspension, small angle and small cabinets, refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers and other appliances arrangements in place. "Radical" that the whole kitchen overall design and overall construction decoration by professionals, to eliminate all security risks of the traditional kitchen, perfect to achieve the integration of fire and water, electricity and gas. ?? Process?? the cabinet is generally in the housing renovation, decoration of carpentry fabricate the cabinet production process is rough, and professional manufacturers cabinets are all industrialized production, from cutting, polishing to installation, in strict accordance with the norms, of course, since the product process than excellent products ". A life span of more than 8 years, and can be combined, adjusted and relocated according to the demand. The vast majority of the decoration of the company’s cabinet for the site, directly with the nail into the wall, if there is a change, just can not handle. In general, the most able to reflect the scientific and technological content of the cabinet, is its function, design. Ordinary cabinets in general only the basic storage function, for the items taken, how to maximize the use of space and many other aspects of the lack of consideration. Professional manufacturers of cabinets, in a functional design is considered very carefully: sink, stove design for embedded, elegant appearance; the drawers are installed slides, use a variety of functional ease; accessories, can effectively use the space, convenient access. Than the service? Homemade cabinets generally do not have an effective quality assurance, carpentry commitment is not the responsibility of the effectiveness and legal effect, it is difficult for you to speak clearly. After two months of use, meet hidden quality problems you may have overlooked, often because of no complaints, no maintenance and too late for regrets. Than the price???? the whole kitchen cabinets at one thousand or two thousand yuan a meter price is very expensive, and the purchase of a home ambry must buy collocation of lampblack machine, gas stove, smoke good so that space is narrow, can not buy their most satisfactory products. However, it provides the cabinet, decoration and electrical appliances three needs. Although the price is more expensive than some of their own choosing (according to different materials can be divided into three grades: 1500 yuan, 2000 yuan a metre to 3000 yuan, 3000 yuan more than one meter a meter), but the purchase efficiency and run a shop will be able to fix a set of all. While-相关的主题文章: