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Seoul coach evaluation Luneng more refined Deyang: Seoul more comfortable in the game – Sohu sports Luneng lost to FC in Seoul, the results are disappointing, but not unacceptable. After the game, when the reporter saw Seoul coach Huang Shanhong, a lot of thoughts back to the 2014 season trip to Pohang, at that time, although Luneng 2 2 draw with Pohang, but the second half of the match, Luneng played worse. To be fair, despite the loss of the game Luneng, but in the second half of the game to show the fighting spirit and enterprising, is worthy of recognition. In terms of the overall strength, Luneng really lacking, this Majiate also acknowledged that "Seoul stable performance of the team, with very skilled, is a team together, our players in the league in a bad position, very hard recently, Seoul is a team combat team, but we are not." In the performance of the Huang Shanhong review Luneng, he gave the response is more detailed than two years ago". The 2014 season Luneng in Kubica period, in the opinion of Huang Shanhong, then Luneng more aggressive, but now the Luneng becomes more delicate, "Shandong is the pursuit of previously played tough style, feel fine now, especially with the player after pelle. But I haven’t made a special study of the two years after all, the two sides have made great changes, if two years ago and now Luneng difference, perhaps I can only say that I coached the team and the game." It is worth noting that, in front of the old acquaintance Stankovic Luneng in the performance is very prominent, his pivot role in front, let Gil and Usire have been constantly on the run. Talking about yourself in the Super League and K difference when Dejan said he is very love Beijing, but more to adapt to the environment of Seoul, "my performance in Beijing is still possible, but after coming here, everything makes me very comfortable, I’m very comfortable with the team and I didn’t have any friend the problem, I am satisfied with today’s situation." Through Stankovic expression, we can clearly realize that South Korea between the players with the ability and to build Huang Shanhong’s tactical system, is a big factor in activating Stankovic, this point is Luneng and many super team lack.相关的主题文章: