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UnCategorized Ah the age of technology. I just love it. Nowadays you can do just about anything on or over the Internet. As long as you have a connection of some kind; blue-tooth or otherwise – then you can ac.plish almost anything you want! Recently I was looking for some sites online that allow you to find birthday SMS messages because my friends bday is .ing up and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday in a unique way! We always do special stuff for each other when it .es to our bdays. Never anything super boring! An SMS is just a fancy word for a text message but the acronym actually means – Short Message Service aka text message! I found a few sites that actually give you a ton of ideas through the website. This is actually a really easy thing to do and you can do it in all kinds of languages not just standardized English. This is always nice as well because NOT everyone speaks or reads English! I have a best friend that knows VERY little English – he is Dutch. So when it .es to stuff like this, I try to make it as easy on him as I can. The first thing you have to do is find the site you want for the birthday SMS message. After you do so you should see a few different categories on the website itself – usually languages such as Dutch, English, French, Italian, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, etc. So when you pick a specific category – you will be given birthday messages in that language. So if we take a look at Spanish, we can see things like: "Feliz Cumpleanos! Deseandote buena salud y felicidad en la vida" which means (I think) "Happy Birthday To You! To Good Health & Happiness In Your Life" or something along the lines of that. My Spanish is rusty! Which is why you should send me an English SMS! Anyway, you can find all kinds of different messages. Things like happy wishes, birthday jokes, memories, etc. Once you find the one you want simply type it into your phone and voila send. That person will receive your text and smile brightly that you even remembered it was their birthday. And even more – you actually spent a few minutes to send something unique instead of the usual "Happy Birthday!" Also, if you really wanted to or if you don’t have a cell phone – you can find text messages on these sites and then go to a free SMS sending site and just do a copy/paste in the sender message box and send it like that. It would save you from typing it out, its super quick, and its fun! Try it out and see for yourself! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: