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Scapegoat intern is the ring true chaos footnote – Beijing big opening soon, part of a Xi’an University sophomore will face the problem — the school arrange for them to go as far away as Jiangsu factory "practice". The students questioned said, sophomore went to the factory practice, will not become a cheap labor? This phenomenon is not an example, some colleges and universities, especially vocational colleges as a profit-making tool for students. More worthy of thinking is: in the professional division of labor is more and more thin, the employer has more practical ability of the students in the employment environment, college students how to do a good job. For some schools, there are still many problems in teaching theory and practice. A lot of students for job seekers and early practice, and even delay the schoolwork, some schools in the students’ practice into shuaishouzhanggui. Some time ago, a female artist with a long wall face of Kim Hee Sun is sprayed into a sieve. Young and beautiful, in a temple built two murals, these two elements together, it is meant when "net red" to the rhythm. It’s not red for two days, was denounced the repair technique is not professional, called the repair of cultural relics, but ruined relics. For a while, finally got a conclusion: mural division is the intern, has left the company. And intern! Wrong time, out of the total probability of interns is relatively high, then called temporary workers and a "scapegoat man". Of course, understand people know, take the intern thing, it is the Dutch act of public relations. So the responsibility of the work, so to the interns, the company depends on the fly, but also to say? Where to intern, interns how to place, this is a problem. In different industries, different difficulties. Like the TV series "Ode to joy" in the Juer as interns, positive thinking, work overtime too tired to find north, at the moment of fear of losing their jobs, in addition to the salary, job responsibility, and ordinary employees like difference is not too large. This practice mode pressure may not be healthy or fair, but it has become a regular channel, also has the support of clear rules and regulations, only can let the person sigh about life more difficult. I have a very different media industry. Media intern is almost zero reward, internship content is to learn to observe the main, the depth varies from person to person. Through the practice of direct positive opportunities is not too much, from a utilitarian perspective, the practice of investment returns than not cost effective ". Don’t hesitate to say, many interns don’t really care about what can be learned, but the future can add a look tall on the name in your resume, if there is a signed article published, natural and better. A lot of idealistic complex counterparts are deeply saddened, I feel no need to be too pessimistic. After all, sincere dedication interns also many, in an impetuous era, must conform to the "trend" with deep hatred and resentment for the exquisite egoist, why bother! I would like to say, brush resume interns look smart, in fact, a special loss. There is no direct entry opportunity on the other side, in fact, can be pure, no burden to learn skills, absorb nutrients. Life is so long, how many opportunities can be! If it is not in place相关的主题文章: