Sanitation removal and transportation vehicle frequently running red lights yesterday morning with t hypersnap-dx

Sanitation removal and transportation vehicle red light yesterday morning traffic police frequently take two cars recently, some people reflect Ningbo, sanitation garbage truck often at night, early morning, the rest of the day ran a red light. Despite the small number of time violations, but due to the large size of the vehicle, such violations or pose a potential danger to themselves and others. Yesterday, the reporter learned that, in view of this situation, Ningbo traffic police squadron under the same morning in Yinzhou Avenue along each intersection card, ready to focus on remediation of environmental sanitation vehicle. Yesterday at 5 pm, amid a drizzling rain, under the traffic police squadron of police troops in five columns, were kept in the Yinzhou Avenue intersection, Ningxia Tashan Weir Road, Guangde Road, Jiang Ning Lake Road, Mingguang road. Ten minutes later, police found a white garbage truck traveling from east to west along the Yinzhou Avenue, Yinzhou Avenue and the Nanjing Road intersection, the intersection ahead regardless of the red light, directly into the past. Police immediately stepped forward to stop removal vehicles, asked the driver to get off. In the face of the traffic police enforcement recorder, the driver was emotional, said he was because the road is too slippery, unable to stop the car ran a red light. After the police verbal education, the driver realized his mistake. Almost at the same time, Yinzhou road in the senior middle school entrance, the police also found a sanitation garbage truck went through a red light. Stopped by the traffic police, the driver at the scene to admit their illegal acts. In addition, the police also found this car collection vehicle violations are not installed to enlarge brand. Under the Traffic Police Squadron Officer Hu told reporters that day at 5:30 in the morning to 6, just half an hour, the police dealt with a total of 2 vehicles malicious red light garbage removal vehicles. At the scene, the traffic police will run the red light of the illegal situation of the sanitation car responded to the relevant person in charge of urban sanitation department, and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the two drivers were fined a total of 150 yuan, a record of 6 penalties. In fact, for the sanitation garbage truck to choose the red light, speeding and other illegal acts in less time, the traffic police department has been aware of. In order to reduce the traffic accidents caused by, recently, Yinzhou Traffic Police Brigade developed a remediation program detailed, subordinate squadrons in the area do not regularly carry out illegal garbage truck assault remediation actions on the garbage truck speeding, running red lights, break the forbidden line area (line), no amplification grade, deliberately obscured (defaced) motor vehicle license plate and other types of serious traffic violations severely punished.相关的主题文章: