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Samsung washing machine began to explode? The United States has found 21 explosions – Sohu news Samsung recently Disasters pile up on one another. Following the Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone due to the global recall after the explosion, there are users respond to the new machine after the same overheating. Now, even the brand washing machine also had an explosion accident. Damaged Samsung washing machine. In September 28th, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a warning that received a number of Samsung uncovery type washing machine "explosion" of the report, from March 2011 to April 2016 relates to washing machine production, but did not point out the specific model. Samsung English in its official website that the washing machine affected only uncovery type washing machine production before April 18, 2016, the front cover of drum washing machine is not affected. But Samsung did not disclose the specific impact of the washing machine model, only provides a link for the user to enter the serial number of purchased products, whether the purchase of their products affected. Surging news () search Suning, Jingdong and other electronic business platform found that Samsung in the Chinese market to sell a number of cover type washing machine, but it is not clear whether there are affected models. Samsung washing machine "the explosion" is different from the mobile phone battery explosion, not by the thermal induced with spark explosion, more precisely, should be of high speed automatic rejection is caused by the disintegration of shake off parts, but the foreign media reports using the word generally is explosion, meaning that the explosion. CNN (CNN) reported that a month ago, more than occurred in the use of washing machines exploded in the United States to participate in the process of Samsung filed a federal class action lawsuit. Court documents show that a woman in Texas, said the impact of the washing machine explosion is too large, scattered parts broke through the inner wall of her garage. A woman in Georgia, who has a similar experience, claims that the "voice" of the washing machine was like a bomb". American Broadcasting Company (ABC) survey found that since the beginning of the 21 report to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, said their Samsung uncovered washing machine explosion or disintegration. Class action lawsuit pointed out that the washing machine used as a support rod is not enough to fix the drum, in the laundry process may be loose, so that the washing machine disintegrated. Where a prosecutor said that Samsung had suggested to her a refund, but she decided to court, as a warning to other users, "if the components of washing machine hit my child, the consequences would be disastrous, so I want to say the event." CNN’s report also mentioned that the class action lawsuit against Samsung also contains many similar reports. The report also mentioned that Samsung after the explosion, the action quickly, trying to collect and destroy all the evidence of defective machines". In September 28th, Samsung in the English posted on the official website said in a statement: "in rare cases, washing machine cleaning, bedding or thick waterproof clothes, there may be abnormal vibration, resulting in injury or damage to property users". But Samsung stressed that since 2011 so far, there are millions of laundry process has not been an accident..相关的主题文章: