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Rural reconstruction gold   how to spend wisely — real estate — at the age of 66 in rural village of Minkang Xuelin housing safety appraisal table, site safety degree, the foundation, the upper bearing structure of 5 elements, namely D are serious, with rural reconstruction requirements. The farmhouse became unsafe? At present, the 2016 central budget for the rural reconstruction grants 26 billion 690 million yuan of funds have been issued, for the support of around 3 million 140 thousand poor farmer to complete the task of reconstruction. Grants issued how to apply? Who will supervise the quality of the transformation? How to prevent funds being misappropriated? Recently, the reporter understands the local rural reconstruction process in national rural reconstruction pilot Jiangsu interview. Places to the new home Kang Xuelin the masses of the most difficult last year through the reconstruction of the application has been built a bungalow, two bedrooms, and a spire to prevent water. His new home, most of the people in Nanjing city Liuhe District Xilongchi Street Xinji community know. The old house was built in 1981, the wall tilt, leakage is also very powerful. I don’t have the ability to change a new house." Kang Xuelin wife suffering from stomach cancer, arthritis, loss of labor ability, the home of the 3, 4 acres of land have been abandoned. Son and unemployed don’t live together, the two old people life can only rely on the community issued 500 yuan of subsidies, leaving the village cadres with the help of the sister. At the beginning of last year, the streets in the rural reconstruction policy community publicity, Kang Xuelin went to the dragon pool street to apply, and submit the proof issued by the community of family poverty. Subsequently, the dragon pool street urban construction department staff came to the elderly, for the quality evaluation of the old house. At that time, Xinji community 5 villagers were put forward for the transformation, the community held on behalf of the villagers. Xinji community director Lin Kun told reporters, of which 3 households had Water Leakage etc., but because they do not meet the reconstruction object conditions, not through the application. From the beginning of September last year, the village community poverty groups collected from door to door investigation, personnel information, report to the Department of housing and entered into the database, qujiyishang Department of housing can be viewed as a reference, and screened in the quota allocation to the local economic weakness of poor households tilt. The second day review will be held, "the reconstruction of publicity out, posted on the community bulletin board, store, front etc.. Pan Chunchun, deputy director of the dragon pond street, said, because there is a database, as well as the declaration of information to declare the farmers, all at a glance. The allocation is not fair, people are looking in the eyes, who want to "canvassing" or "relationship" go nowhere. Meet the conditions of the farmers respectively through the streets and district audit, publicity, and signed the "reform agreement", which defined the farmers for the construction team construction in accordance with the standard reconstruction, completion and acceptance in the year; the streets do service work coordination, timely disbursement of funds. Acceptance of the three sector, the audit of the entire public Kang Xuelin memories, in the construction process of the more than and 20 day, several people came to check the quality, but also took a photo". He said, "several people," refers to the town street, district)相关的主题文章: