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Royal luxury cruise experience, Vietnam secret Mystery Tour – [Objective] tourism Sohu this is the second time cruise experience, after all the cruise and last time is not the same, it also makes me more than another look, perhaps the hot summer flood, always need a quiet to heal, the just by the Royal Poseidon Cruise invite experience, this makes me on the other side of the sea and the sea more yearning for God, sit Shanghai is another kind of sea life experience, is a luxury, or enjoy, or quiet, this is a kind of special tourism experience. "Not the same cruise experience, feel the Royal aristocrats enjoy special poseidon. "Eat on the cruise delicacy. "To see the ship’s performance. Long into the Vietnam Da Nang, experience the local customs of Da Nang Tourism – Vietnam Museum of Cham sculpture in Da Nang Ling Temple to pray long long Mystery into Vietnam Nha Trang, Blue Harbor – Nha Trang’s affair with the champa tower, explore the Mystery Tour "in the Longshan rock love story – touch one deeply in the heart of Nha Trang temple, the Holy blessing. The tour of Nha Trang in Vietnam, taste the local delicacy [NO.1] travel 7 days and 6 nights in Xiamen international terminals — Da Nang — Vietnam Vietnam Nha Trang [NO.2] 1, ready to travel booking: different price room is different, there are different kinds of travel choice, to the Royal Caribbean’s official website (scheduled)! 2, visa: is scheduled to be able to sign the Vietnamese route, only need to prepare a passport (valid for more than 6 months) and a copy. 3, boarding: because we need to handle the relevant procedures, so the general will inform the port of arrival from the boarding time 1.5 hours ago. With the relevant documents, to the service of Xiamen cruise terminal relevant documents, passport will be posted on the corresponding cruise and the predetermined bar code, corresponding to the room room card, room card hand to leave is himself so cruise all consumption can be the real card with the bill, then believe that when at the end of the cruise the bank card for unified settlement. 4, prepare things: toiletries, slippers, umbrellas, sunscreen, seasickness medicine, change of clothes, hats, vnd (money). [NO.3] on the Royal Caribbean International – Royal Caribbean International Cruise (Royal Caribbean International) is the world’s largest fleet of international cruise brands, there are monarchs, fantasy, brilliant, Voyager, freedom, oasis 6 ships and 21 ships, a large modern amusement wheel (another 1 ship built in), a year more than and 200 the wonderful holiday tour routes, nearly 300 destinations throughout the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and other more than and 70 countries and regions. Royal Caribbean International Cruise is part of the world’s leading Royal Caribbean Cruise Company Limited (Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.). Company headquarters is located in the United states.相关的主题文章: