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Rosamund Kwan’s 2 divorce not discouraged the active maintenance of Rosamund Kwan still believes in love climbing dog Sina entertainment news on September 7th news, according to Hongkong media reports, the United States of Hongkong and Taiwan businessman Chen Taiming witch Rosamund Kwan low-key love for many years, in November last year, she came to Taiwan to attend the fashion event, exposes married and honest divorce, shocked the entertainment. 2 degree divorce, she still believes in love, said: "I will not be discouraged, will continue to find a person who likes, but also hurt me." Rosamund Kwan return after climbing, walking the dog, taste the delicacy life everywhere, brilliant, recently with the Hongkong ladies brand Moiselle cooperation, create their own brand of Rosemund Moiselle, is the first in a series of design pajamas. She was 53 years old after two failed marriages, the Hongkong media still want to fall in love, "I believe in love, want to love, not every woman will be smooth, do not be discouraged to find new objects, but only you, because she is very careful," to know a person, 3 years is not enough, to 5 over the years, it seems to me that if there is a way, I would rather fall in love, the way the engagement, that we do not have a burden. That piece of paper is not really important to me". She thinks love is supreme, but will not cry for the failure of the marriage, the last time tears are 3 years ago, when dad was gone. Experienced so much, a lot of things won’t hit me, when you see, will find this is life, you will not be too sad, that plus my personal ability is quite high, up and down, not the mood". 24 this month, she will be 54 years old, their stature unchanged for years, is the result of efforts by hand, coach long-term supervision, "3, 4 days, 1 weeks, 3 each time, 4 hours, my good hard, good self-discipline, the coach told me to do what I will do, do so far, the best to do so". (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: