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"Roll bar sisters" poster exposure Feng Mingchao show straight character – Sohu entertainment "cancer jump sisters" poster by Sohu entertainment news recently, Feng Mingchao starred in the comedy film "inspirational youth jump sisters" collective exposure posters, posters, Feng Mingchao is a group of "three beauty around, looked indifferent, overbearing president atmosphere, show the" straight cancer ". Feng Mingchao, who plays Zhu Jiahao, is a young and promising business elite, but also a conservative, experienced male paranoid work. A new era of your son did not accept his wife’s dream on the road, his wife exposed in the hot dance, giggle and flirt touched his bottom line. Perhaps he is the control of desire is too strong, too macho, obviously hiding Kanaya Johnson, but do not know love, meet the material, can not meet the soul. It is reported that the film directed by Wang Zheng, tells the story of a group of sisters, see the youth is nearing completion, to escape the boring life and capricious dream story, with a new perspective interpretation of the time, even once, will complete indulgence, looking for what you really want to do the idea, is expected in 2017 national release.   相关的主题文章: