Resident Evil 6 the movie introduces the game element terror not to have the skin zombie-invictus gaming

Biochemical crisis 6 introduction of the game elements of the game without fear of zombies in the recent New York anime show, "Resident Evil 6: final chapter" film director Paul W.S. Anderson accepted an interview with foreign media Collider, he shared with us more interesting details of the new film, he confidently said that this film will be the best one in the film series. Q: How did you go back to your place in a circle? Back to the Raccoon City, how will the outcome? Is there a catch to the first? ANDERSON: This is obviously a return, return to the Raccoon City, back to the local series began, returned to the hive research center. What I think is more important, it’s about the discovery of the role of Alice. Because we introduce her in front of the film, the protagonist of amnesia. Therefore, in the center of the series, there is such a woman who does not know who I am, I think this issue has been outstanding. The wisdom of the film narrative is not only to return to the beginning, which is Alice’s quest for the truth about his identity journey. The truth about the umbrella company, the questions about what is the real agenda and the truth about the Red Queen, will be answered in the series "the 6". Therefore, it is not only a return to the beginning of the journey, but also to fill the gaps left in the first. When I read the script, I have a lot of ideas in my head. After six movies, you will understand my crazy dream. Q: when it comes to new ideas, I hear that there will be some interaction with the game, such as a zombie, do you really take it to the movie? ANDERSON: Yes, this way is to return to the series we brought back some extremely elegant and valuable, early roles, such as Claire Redfield, we also brought back some monsters, such as zombie dogs. Zombie dog scene is amazing, this is the best we have ever done. I think the zombie dog is always a good idea, really difficult to shoot the dog, but this scene is absolutely good enough. In addition, no skin appear in the game (bloodshot) will also appear, I think it is the "Resident Evil 6" game in the best of the monster, it’s really ugly. There will also be a Popokarimu, at the end of the previous film, the big flying monster appeared, but we call it zombie dragon, because it looks like a dragon. Biochemical crisis 6 movie will be released on January 27, 2017, please look forward to. (source: 3DM editor: DY) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: