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Repair electricity, water, plants in Xiamen to carry out reconstruction – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, 17 September Xiamen Xinhua: repair electricity, water supply, plants in Xiamen to carry out reconstruction of Xinhua News Agency reporter Shen Rufa, Fu Min, Yan Zhihong this year’s strongest typhoon "Meranti" landed near Xiamen at the center of the largest wind 15. Coerced rain, strong storm surge, landscaping, electricity, water supply, beautiful suffered. "Miranti" of Xiamen power grid caused a devastating hit." Deputy general manager of the State Grid Xiamen power company Xu Zhiyong introduced 6 220 thousand volt substation 21, 220 thousand volt lines, 45 110 thousand volt substation 52, 110 thousand volt lines, 10743 sets of distribution transformers, 713 10 thousand volt line outage, power outage of up to 552 thousand and 200 users. 220 thousand V Li Lin – Xiamen West Tower traction line located in Guan Kou Zhen Dong Hui village of Xiamen city a serious distortion of collapse, like "twist roll" like lying on the foot. Fujian electric transmission company in the line into the 6 construction team of more than 200 employees, all through the night construction and repair. State Grid Corporation of Fujian province to mobilize forces from the province to support. The morning of the 15 day, China Sanming power company organized a 32 person service team members, with repair materials and construction equipment, emergency rush to the rescue of Xiamen Tongan disaster area, has now completed the ground 30.5 meters repair tower assembly, as soon as possible to restore power plant and Tongan city. As of 16, 2009, the State Grid Corporation of Fujian province from all over the province to mobilize the rescue team of the 26, and the emergence of a large number of units of emergency repair materials in Xiamen to support the power of emergency rescue, has now restored the use of electricity for more than 160 thousand households in. Water also suffered heavy losses. According to Zhang Liyong, general manager of Xiamen water group, 15 at 1:50, all water stop water supply. After intense repair, the current water supply situation is gradually restored. As of 16 May 18, Haicang, Jimei water supply has been restored to normal, but the island Siming lake, and the rest of Xiangan Tongan, there are 272 thousand households without water. Zhang Liyong said that the cause of long recovery time on the island is the main water supply for power over a long period of time, the memory pipeline water and two water underground storage tank water has basically exhausted, in order to avoid the need for exhaust pipe burst, and gradually increase the pressure, so only a slow recovery. Xiamen has a rich famous plants. "The typhoon had a devastating impact on the landscape of Xiamen." Deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Gardens Bureau Wang Weijun said that the city green damaged area of more than 90%, a total of about 600000 trees were damaged, the more serious damage to the about 400000 strains, including twenty or thirty years of landscape planting trees and some trees. At present, Xiamen city has invested more than 10 thousand professionals and thousands of rescue machinery, to help clean up the lodging trees. At the same time, the Municipal Gardens Department will transport trees on the street along for replanting, on the grassland, nursery cleaning timely repair, in the shortest possible time to recover urban greening. Many gas stations in Xiamen are also subject to varying degrees of damage. According to Zhang Shizhao, deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of letters.相关的主题文章: