Red through the suspect Pei Jianqiang alleged corruption was arrested, said the arrest was a relief-face gossip

"Red" the suspect Pei Jianqiang suspected of corruption by public prosecution said to be arrested is free – Beijing, Beijing morning news reporters yesterday from the West City procuratorate, "hundreds of red" online pursuit personnel suspect Pei Jianqiang, on suspicion of embezzlement, has recently been in Beijing Xicheng District City People’s Procuratorate prosecution. It is understood that the 49 year old Pei Jianqiang, is Skynet action since appearing in court nineteenth "hundred red", "third hundred red" personnel is the city of Beijing. Case: state executive public funds to buy a car Pei Jianqiang, Beijing people, aged 49, undergraduate education. Before the incident, had been in the international cooperation limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as enterprise company) is responsible for import and export department. Pei Jianqiang in June 2001 to the company responsible for the import and export department. After taking office, Pei Jianqiang set up a company bank account in the bank, for part of the business income and expenditure distribution, the account control by himself, money is the source of the company’s business models. At the end of May 2003, Pei Jianqiang intercepted from this account by cheque and payment of public funds, and gave Beijing an auto sales Services Limited, to buy a small car a Volkswagen Passat brand. The car is Pei Jianqiang registered in their own name, their personal use, and at the end of 2004, the car will be sold to others. After many escorted home arrest: Pei Jianqiang fled after the exit of the West’s Procuratorate to Pei Jianqiang for the red warrant, its online pursuit. In December 22, 2015, Pei Jianqiang learned the flight in hiding in Guinea, Conakry City, Beijing City, Beijing city procuratorate office in pursuit of organization and coordination, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and other departments of the pursuit group went to Guinea to hunt Pei Jianqiang. After many departments coordination and cooperation in Beijing on December 25, 2015, will Pei Jianqiang captured. After that, in the absence of direct flights to the domestic situation, after multinational to escort home. Subsequently, it will be sent to Xicheng District detention center detention. The investigation: long hard handling of the case of Xicheng District procuratorate prosecutor Yang Xiaoying, Pei Jianqiang case because from the incident has passed for 13 years, and he was in the company management and financial management confusion, currently only a few person in charge of handling affairs, which increased a lot of difficulty for the case of evidence. The case is not only difficult to collect evidence of a contract, the labor relationship between Pei Jianqiang and the company contract is not complete, so the identity of the main identity of the host also made a big problem for the. Readme: back into the street from Pei Jianqiang was arrested on the same day, Guinea offered the judiciary be repatriated. After appearing in court, recalled the fugitive in the past few years, Pei Jianqiang is feeling this abroad hidden life is difficult, I had several times hovering at the door China embassy, wants to go to surrender". According to the Autobiography of Pei Jianqiang, in November 2009 he fled to Guinea, at the beginning of the year, their own day mixed in the streets and lanes, with the local people to learn French, understand the local situation. Have been cooking, translation.相关的主题文章: