Recommendation serie a solo home court to block the Rome Sohu vy canis majoris

Recommendation: serie a solo home court to block the Rome Sohu Sassuolo (main) VS Rome 2016-10-27 2:45 Thursday kick-off time venue: Ma Pei’s first football stadium net 100 Europe Index: Solo [9] 3.925 = 3.592 [2] 1.911 Rome Asian index: Rome had 0.5 solo ranked ninth in the league, good performance, especially the home court made 3 wins 1 negative good result, 5 goals, 4 goals, such as the attack and defense data can get 3 wins, that team home court ability is relatively good, Rome ranked second in the league, but the team’s performance is good, the general results, only 1 wins and 1 draws and 2 losses, 6 goals, 7 goals. Scoring ability is good, but the defense is poor, as the strength of Rome Luo senso, as well as the Rome state well, also in 6 matches against the history of Rome, the only A home court advantage is the momentum, from the basic situation, Rome is a little higher odds. The data on the European data found 3.925 wins 19.11, wins a higher chance, his chance is low, and the office is 3.592, and the Bureau and the Bureau of fair odds, the opportunity is not high, the Asian index out of Rome to the 0.5, "the plate water level high, hanging slowly in decline, the trend of heating time of the hanging wall, chupan confidence Rome to win is not enough that the obvious advantage of converting Rome away solo wins. Cz100 recommendation: Solo transferee 0.5 SMG recommended: 1, 3相关的主题文章: