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Small Business This is a time where people are really talking about New Year’s resolutions, new starts. It’s a brand new year, brand new day and they’d really love to break free of some of the old stuff–go into some beautiful new green pastures in their life. I was at the gym the other morning and of course, the gym this week is busier than it’s been all year. But give it a couple of weeks, and it’s probably going to be back to normal again. One of the personal trainers came up to me, and thought he was making kind of cordial talk and he said, ‘Hey, it’s a new year. Do you even remember any of your resolutions?" I said "Well, absolutely, I do" and he said "Well, how many have you all of them yet or forgotten them yet?" and I ‘m like "No, I really haven’t." But you know that’s kind of the current state of affairs. What a lot of us do, we set those New Year’s resolutions and then, if we’re not careful we don’t check in to see how we’re doing until New Year’s next year. And so, what I really encourage people to do is find a point of inspiration. You know, we tend to overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in a decade. You know, so many of us want to turn around, you know states of affairs that we’ve created over years and years of habits in a nanosecond and it probably isn’t going to work. You don’t turn a battleship around on a dime. You know, you turn it around over time staying the course and holding steady. So what I would encourage everyone to do is find a program like Science of Success. This program, as much, if not more, of anything I’ve ever been exposed to will get you clear, not only of what you’re capable of creating, but exactly how to do that. So when you sit down, which I ask you to do in the program and define your vision for your life, .e up with something that really inspires you. You know, something that, that makes you enthusiastic because if you, you know, set some kind of goal or vision for your life that is someone else’s. It’s not going to inspire you, and you’re probably going to burn out. And that’s where I find a lot of people who are depressed. You know, a lot of people who are overwhelmed or are not excited about their life. When I begin to talk to them, they’re living someone else’s life. It’s more noble to imperfectly pursue your own passions than to perfectly pursue someone else’s. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: