Real estate stocks are thriving, stock index insurance keep 2700 points – Sohu news-pullip

Real estate stocks thriving stock index insurance keep 2700 points – the Sohu news Yangtze daily news outside the stock market tumbled A stocks strong, the gem harvest four Yang reporter Zouping despite the central bank to reduce the proportion of down payment for real estate stocks in early trading pulled transaction, but outside the general stock market fell the two cities to open lower, but the A shares yesterday is "strong", all day long out of Tandi rebound, both the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index closed out the lower line, the gem collection of fourth consecutive candle. At the close, the Shanghai index fell 2739.25, 0.38%; 9638.87 reported Shenzhengchengzhi points, up 0.29%; gem refers to the reported 2090.51, rose 0.73%. The disk, real estate, fuel cell, nonferrous metals, quantum communication, SOE reform sector gainers. The reform of state-owned enterprises sector continues strong two stock markets yesterday with the external market weakness and low, two city index in early trading is relatively weak, by midday on GEM and small plates stocks led the index rebounded sharply, although before closing, failed to come to the red plate, but the afternoon blue chips also marked the beginning of a counterattack. By the real estate sector and a large area of strong policy stimulus, the small board and GEM stocks pulled up late. The hot plate, the reform of state-owned enterprises continue strong pattern, deep treasure, double the money stock trading. From around the recently released report on the work of the government, the reform of state-owned enterprises and the capacity to become one of the focus of this year’s work, restructuring, mixed ownership reform, asset securitization has become an important measure. On the news, according to the people’s Bank of Chinese website information display, the central bank to carry out 100 billion yuan of 3 day repurchase operation, including 40 billion yuan and 60 billion yuan 14 days reverse repurchase 28 days reverse repurchase. For 3 days no open market maturity repurchase or central bank bills, the central bank move to achieve net invested 100 billion yuan, compared with Tuesday’s net invested 20 billion yuan increase. After the early fall, the investment value of A shares gradually. Data show that the Shanghai index dynamic price earnings ratio of 12.5 times, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 dynamic price earnings ratio of 10.7 times, 8.6 times the earnings of Shanghai 50. A shares of a total of 58 stocks breaking the net rate of 1, nearly 50% of the stock price earnings ratio is lower than the end of 2014 on a bull market before the start. Close observation of changes in the amount of energy national securities analyst Huang Bo believes that the Spring Festival holiday this week, overseas market volatility will influence the festival of A shares after the opening trend, this point in history has seen a lot. Although the decline in the latter part of the market itself will have a technical rebound, but due to holiday factors, if you want to participate in the rebound, or to control positions, such as the festival of overseas markets in Europe and the United States especially the trend of the stock market, and then make a judgment. Jiuding Desheng Xiao Yuhang believes that, overall, the market appears again gem index rebound "baby" trajectory, history will repeat, but the background is changed greatly this year, quite a period of time, the market volume or difficult to reproduce last year, and even continue to decline in the probability of a great. We believed that the gem will face a market risk small with large "rebound, it is difficult to re.

地产股一枝独秀 沪指险守2700点-搜狐新闻  长江商报消息外围股市普遍大跌A股表现“坚挺”,创业板收获四连阳   本报记者 邹平   尽管央行降低首付比例让早盘地产股异动拉升,但外围股市普遍大跌使得两市双双低开,但A股昨日表现还算“坚挺”,全天走出探低回升走势,沪深股指双双收出低开的阳线,创业板收出第四根连续阳线。   截至收盘,上证指数报2739.25点,跌0.38%;深证成指报9638.87点,涨0.29%;创业板指报2090.51点,涨0.73%。   盘面来看,房地产、燃料电池、有色、量子通讯、国企改革等板块涨幅居前。   国企改革板块延续强势   沪深两市昨日随外围市场走软而低开,两市指数早盘比较疲软,午盘在创业板和中小板活跃个股的带动之下指数大幅反弹,虽然休市前未能走到红盘,但是午间蓝筹股也开始明显反攻。房地产板块受到政策的刺激大面积走强,中小板和创业板个股在尾盘拉升。   热点方面,国企改革板块延续强势格局,深深宝、双钱股份涨停。从各地近日公布的政府工作报告来看,国企改革和去产能成为今年工作的重点之一,重组、混合所有制改革、资产证券化成为重要措施。   消息面上,据中国人民银行网站信息显示,央行3日开展1000亿元逆回购操作,包括400亿元14天逆回购和600亿元28天逆回购。因3日公开市场无到期回购或央票,央行此举实现净投放1000亿元,相比周二的净投放200亿元有所增加。   经过前期下跌之后,A股的投资价值也逐渐凸显。数据显示,当前上证指数动态市盈率12.5倍,沪深300动态市盈率10.7倍,上证50市盈率8.6倍。A股共有58只个股市净率破1,已经有近五成的股票市盈率低于2014年年底即上一轮牛市启动之前。   密切观察量能变化   民族证券分析师黄博认为,春节休市这一周内,海外市场波动将影响节后A股开盘后走势,这一点在历史上已看到很多了。虽然急跌后期市场本身是会有一个技术性的反弹的,但是由于长假因素,如果要参与反弹,仓位还是要控制,等节后看海外市场特别是欧美股市的走势,再做判断。   九鼎德盛肖玉航认为,总体来看,市场再次出现创业板指数反弹式的“以小带大”轨迹,历史会重复,但背景却发生了极大的变化,今年相当一个时期内,市场量能或很难再现去年情况,甚至不断走低的概率极大。因此研究认为,创业板“以小带大”式的反弹将面临一定的市场风险,其很难复制去年暴跌后的模式。投资策略,密切观察市场总体量能变化及基本面方面的信号,而量能是最能体现市场强弱的标尺。相关的主题文章: