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"Speed Raiders" Guo Jingjing Liu Xiang ended the first variety show cited hot entertainment Sohu – "ultimate Raiders" ending   Sohu; entertainment news on Friday, "the amazing race third season [in Rio De Janeiro] exclusive watch full circle ending, Guo Jingjing Kenneth Fok narrowly defeated Liu Changjin daecheon, won the championship. As "the amazing race" derivative programs, the Sohu video Raiders "[watch]" speed to speed ahead of the task by human experience, exclusive secret star behind the scenes with the novel form of the program, has become the focus of social hot platform. As of now, the "speed Raiders" playing a total amount of more than 7 million video Sohu, # Raiders # related topic amount of reading speed exceeded 1 billion 200 million, during the broadcast, Guo Jingjing, Liu Xiang, et al. The related topic turns on hot topic list, the discussion of the high enthusiasm.   "speed Raiders" siblings Vanness Wu   Kenneth Fok Guo Jingjing Guo Jingjing Liu Xiang tribute Olympic couple focused first variety show 8 star partner, 11 Olympic City, as "Amazing Race" derivative programs, "speed" Raiders also carry forward the Olympic spirit, together with the guests to re take the Olympic road, enjoy the exotic, and recording the show backstage bit. It is worth mentioning that, "the amazing race" is Guo Jingjing Liu Xiang’s first variety show, the two Olympic champions in the program through the valuable acclaimed "speed Raiders" also appeared in their wonderful story behind the speed on the road. Guo Jingjing to her husband Kenneth Fok, two people to bold and crafty, full of sugar, either Gaokongfan or flying somersault dance, in the Guo Jingjing task, Kenneth Fok’s eyes always fixed on Guo Jingjing. In addition, Kenneth Fok moved in the flour Guo Jingjing remind Caution! "Reveals the gentle, Guo Jingjing in the universal confession" you are my hero "is full of love. But once the "world air" Liu Xiang in the show is still eye-catching, including Liu Xiang cosplay, the Sailor Moon footage has attracted many onlookers, but for the other, Liu Xiang is difficult to accept, in the program face reluctantly shouted "don’t shoot me, my dad would say I saw"; Barcelona this link, Liu Xiang repeatedly, eventually reluctantly give up, claiming to be "strength is not enough, was praised" honest boy "; and he again in Rome with the audience hurdles, recalled 12 years ago moved to Athens to win the scene. In addition, the girl combination performance of Huang Tingting and Sun Rui is also very brisk, optimistic even if they are eliminated, is still maintained a lively smile, and try to run the member dance for the first time with husband Hans; Venus debut show, a quarrel and mutual support show Vanness Wu’s sister, as wife husband and wife; customers to participate in the program, good performance, lovely and generous style ring a lot of fans; Zhang Zhehan and Zhang Sifan two’s performance is remarkable, showing the other side of their idols outside; two anchors be eliminated early to make a lot of friends regret; and Jin Dachuan Liu Chang’s return so many audience sigh, from the first quarter to third this season, familiar feeling is back.   Huang ting.相关的主题文章: