Rage hard hero cookies premiered on Wang Lei Deng Jiajia Shanghai Beach (video) running man20130526

"Rage hard hero" cookies premiered on Wang Lei Deng Jiajia Shanghai beach anger "hero" " Shanghai smoke " entertainment Studio Specials; Tencent directed by Mao Weining, Wang Lei, Deng Jiajia, Huo Zhengyan, Jo Jo who starred in the legendary drama "poison pin hero" that anger will be landing in Jiangsu, Shenzhen and two prime time TV tonight, synchronization broadcast video Tencent. With a tough, heavy style, complicated story, actor and novel role settings combination, "hard" cookie "fury hero" was praised as "the 2016 fall of the most anticipated TV drama". "Magnolia" director Mao Weining in the "hard" legend swept autumn screen in 1986 graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy Mao Weining, has made great achievements in the field of drama, has won numerous awards at home and abroad. In 2015 the "ordinary world" hit, not only to see the outside world, excellent ability of Mao Weining’s mastery of "serious" works, he gains more help "Magnolia" award for best director. "Anger youth" as a part of have real historical background of the legendary drama, showing the tone and style of hardcore, solid in Mao Weining lens. Whether the game between the Shanghai Gang disputes or yuan brothers, both the Japanese invaders ugly faces or social complex state, seemed full of power. Many wonderful martial arts scenes and special effects are added to the male hormone, breath and blood feelings for the show. Mao Weining meets the "hero" is a combination of anger, and most days, see how the sweeping autumn’s legendary TV screen, see the "Heroes" to the rise of anger. A "Shanghai Beach" "surface" story type about Shanghai on the boundaries of subversion, concession, on aggression, there have been too many patriotic themes, to show from different angles and perspectives. "Heroes" choose "anger Beach" as the starting point, with an extreme social phenomenon sharp to describe the core contradictions so unique perspective is out of the surface of the fermentation process, the story. In the play, Yuan Shuai, yuan is also the two brothers to the family as the source, with the audience into a period of twists and turns, there is a secret, multi reversal of the legend of the years. And this kind of "surface" of the design, the subversion of the genre of the boundaries. A legend of the era, is not only about the big time, but also a small figure, not only is patriotic, but also family, friendship, love. A "hero" is a rage of people, so that people can feel that the most direct The imprint is engraved on my heart. history. Wang Lei Deng Jiajia "magic" to judge the daughter of wealthy encounter cold-blooded once in "" banners and many other popular television dramas have the outstanding performance of Wang Lei, in the "anger hero" hand in hand "love apartment" in "aunt Deng Jiajia," this magical combination reflects the drama in the corner of the intentions. More surprisingly, the eldest daughter had to play staged daozhui drama and folk hero will blossom constantly, this anti traditional design, but also a major part of the "Heroes" anger. The other is of particular concern, played by Wang Lei Yuan Shuai, is a very mysterious identity – he is to let all the enemy a headache "cold-blooded judge" character, Jiao pretty of big daughter and cold-blooded judge.相关的主题文章: