Provincial High police brigade in Zhongxiang investigate drunk driving seized 2 wine drivers 3u8895

Zhongxiang provincial police brigade to investigate drunk driving seized 2 "driver wine" 16, Zhongxiang provincial police brigade in the Zhongxiang section of Shanghai Chengdu high-speed Wujing toll station carried out the investigation of drunk driving drunk driving illegal operations, seized 2 drunk driver. On the same day at 20:50, a Dongfeng car driving from Jingmen to the grey area, police on duty for rapid screening of alcohol on the routine, Lingmou found the driver suspected of drunk driving, the police when about the vehicle to a safe position, and the Lingmou tested alcohol content. According to the test results, the spirit of the body of a Ling reached 25mg 100ml, belonging to drunk driving motor vehicles. Lingmou admitted to the police, and the day of the family came to Zhongxiang to visit their relatives and friends on the table with the elders drank several bottles of beer during the Mid Autumn Festival, thought that the traffic police do not go on duty, did not expect to be punished. 21 PM, and the drunk driving distance is less than 10 minutes, a black SUV traveling to the examination area, police on duty to check and found the driver Kou alcohol content reached 56mg 100ml, which belongs to the motor vehicle driving after drinking. Kou told the police, at noon and friends did drink a little wine. Because the elderly sick, lucky driving vehicles on the road, feel there should be no "problem", did not expect or illegal. Yesterday, the Zhongxiang provincial police brigade police investigators said the seized two drunk drivers will face a fine of 2000 yuan deducted 12 points, temporarily driving license for 6 months of punishment. (reporter correspondent Zhao Mingjing Li Tianxue) sweep code big Chu Jingmen, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: