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Pregnant things of postpartum exercise will change the taste of breast milk and cause the baby does not drink milk? There are many benefits to Sohu’s healthy breastfeeding. In general, doctors recommend mothers to breastfeed exclusively for 4-6 months. Of course, it is not so simple to insist on breastfeeding, to insist on pure breastfeeding, there are many obstacles and challenges along the way. In addition to encourage breastfeeding mothers, mothers should also encourage postpartum 2-3 months to start to move for postpartum recovery, still there will be a variety of rumors and the so-called taboo, today to crush is one and breastfeeding and postpartum exercise related rumors: postpartum movement will change the breast the taste of which the baby does not drink milk. The benefits of · postpartum exercise; lose weight, reshape the body · maintain the physical health and physical and mental pleasure to ease the pressure of · · · maintain good cardiovascular; improve the blood lipid level · maintain good insulin response to symptoms of · reduce postpartum depression showed moderate exercise (exercise intensity 50%-75%) did not affect the secretion of breast milk, breast milk ingredients, it will not affect the baby’s growth. High intensity exercise (100% of exercise intensity) may affect the level of IgA in breast milk, but also may affect the level of lactic acid in breast milk. The rumor may have been due to early studies of small samples, but these studies were later proved to be unreliable. Does exercise affect the amount and composition of breast milk? No, no studies have shown that exercise affects the production of breast milk and the composition of breast milk. Some of the early small sample study found in high intensity exercise (exercise intensity of 100%), the level of IgA in breast milk will drop to 10-30 minutes, but in 1 hours will be restored to normal levels, the whole milk a day in IgA level, there is no significant difference. In addition, studies have shown that in the right amount of exercise (50%-75% intensity), the level of IgA in breast milk did not significantly change. Research shows that in high intensity exercise (exercise intensity 100%) after breast milk lactic acid level may be a slight rise in the short term, but the level of the rise is not what harm to the baby. Most studies found that even the mother of high intensity exercise (exercise intensity 100%), also found no baby will refuse to drink milk or milk is not love. There have been earlier studies found that after the mother had a high intensity fatigue exercise (100% of the intensity of the exercise), squeeze out the milk in the bottle to drink to the baby, the baby some resistance. However, the cause of this phenomenon is not necessarily a significant change in breast milk, which may be the baby is not accustomed to do not like the bottle, because before this place相关的主题文章: