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"Power game" tearing the United States? Hilary Trump’s ultimate race – Sohu news data for local time on November 6, 2016, the United States of Cleveland, Lebron James and Smith · JR· canvassing for Hilary, the scene, little emperor speech. A number of "record" [results] ready, waiting for the two major party candidates in the race under the condition that the cost in this year’s US election and then climb the peak. According to the latest data from independent agency of the United States "in response to the political center" published in November 2nd, the 2016 election estimated cost of $6 billion 900 million, the United States will become the history of "the burning" of the election. However, the specific data is still subject to official statistics after the election. If Hilary wins the election, she will be the first female president in American history. In fact, she is the first female candidate for the two main political parties in the United States, from the United States to break the glass ceiling is only one step. Therefore, on November 8th, Hilary will have a glass ceiling in New York Javits Convention Center, waiting for the results of the ballot. And Jo Trump wins, he will become the oldest president in American history. In June 14th, Trump just celebrated his 70 birthday. According to the times, the oldest American president was Ronald ·, who was still a month away from his 70 birthday at the time of his inauguration on. In addition, as a political novice, Trump, will be the first president in more than 60 years, there has never been a governor or members of Congress qualifications.相关的主题文章: