Philippine officials and police were killed in prison prison seized suspected methamphetamine.-candy boy

Philippine officials and police were killed in prison prison rush seized suspected methamphetamine original title: Philippines mayor in prison and police were killed in prison rush seized suspected methamphetamine items left for Espinosa. Source: network according to the The Associated Press reported on 5, was involved in the drug trade imprisoned Philippines mayor Albu Ella Espinosa (Rolando Espinosa) in prison shot by police, he is also the two week second due to drug-related case was killed by government officials. Local police said on Saturday morning, the staff of the criminal investigation group of guns and drugs raids in prison. Espinosa and another prisoner suddenly shot to the inspectors, police then killed Espinosa and his friends. Police said in search found two pistols from two people in prison, found a bag of suspected methamphetamine and drug products with package still in Espinosa’s cell. Philippines’s president’s office said in a statement that Espinosa’s death was "unfortunate" and that the police are investigating why the two men were in the cell where there were handguns and shootings. The police had Espino as Philippines’s "drug sare protector" of his son accused al Buaila control drug trade area. Philippines’s president, Duthel Te, has taken a hard line against drug crimes since he took office. In August this year, he accused Espinosa and his son involved in drug trafficking, requiring two people voluntarily surrender. According to Al Jazeera reported that at the time of the arrest of Espinosa Walter asked if the police encounter resistance on "immediately killed". Since then, Espinosa voluntarily surrendered to the police. At the beginning of October, he was formally arrested by police for the crime of illegal possession of drugs. Espinosa’s son was arrested in October by the local police in the UAE, will be sent back to Philippines for trial. Just before Espinosa was killed in October 28th, southern Philippines of Maguindanao province anpatuan town mayor Dimoken (Samsudin Dimaukom) and 9 entourage clashed with anti narcotics police, eventually killed by the police. Dimoken had surrendered to the police, but denied that he was involved in the drug trade, he also told the media that he was in the fight against drug crimes. Since then, the police received a report that Dimoken is planning to transport a large number of lines of ice, when the inspection of the police Dimoken and his entourage of the vehicle when the gunfight broke out. In addition to Dimoken, the other 9 were killed by police. In early August, Walter has released a list of drug-related personnel, drug-related officials on the list of more than 150 people. Since June, Philippines has more than 2300 people were killed in anti drug operations. The United Nations had on Philippines’s strongman drug policy expressed concern, but Duthel Te said he took office since the implementation of the anti drug measures have greatly reduced the supply of drugs. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: