Pay card payment over the new progress of the bank only repayment 29.98 yuan ghost observer

Pay card payment over the new progress of the bank: only repayment 29.98 yuan Dianxun intersection unit to do is pay card credit card, 8 years ago to nearly 30 yuan, now has over 10000 fines. 16, the intersection of the news to work in Suzhou, Ms. Yang suffered the trouble was reported, causing widespread concern in the community. 16 evening parties, Ms. Yang to contact and inform the intersection of reporters, someone’s Bank had contacted them, said it gave them trouble sorry, apply to the leadership of the relief report has been approved by them, now only 29.98 yuan to repay. Coincidentally, many users also had a similar "encounter" on the 16 day, the intersection of news Ms. Yang encountered the "troubles" report, immediately aroused widespread concern in the community. Coincidentally, some netizens say they have encountered a similar incident. Netizen footprints, said: I have encountered the same situation, the wage card in Shenzhen, in the absence of the case to do a credit card. Netizen "idiot": the 2007 bank unit to do card, salary card overdraft card kind. At the end of the year to leave the unit for the city, this card is still a few dollars, let me get rid of the payroll card. I did not expect to buckle my 2008 dozens of annual fee, which led to me up to four years, until the credit cartoon again, but I know that the card was overdue on the bank blacklist. To pay off the arrears of less than 100 yuan, this card I will always keep reminding myself not careful, also witnessed the bank’s credit card system is not reasonable. The "Indosame": when I was in University, this is also the school to do the overdraft 1 yuan ICBC credit card, but many people do not know is a credit card, but now I know this is the bank in order to complete the credit card index. The bank, school or company is obliged to remind the cardholder, otherwise it is ignorant of the cardholder suffer, banks and the agent should also bear responsibility for it, especially banks, because the agent may not know. When do card companies have closed last year after learning of the news, many workers hurried to the bank to cancel the payroll card Ms. Yang told reporters that the incident intersection, has been nearly 2 months, during which they repeatedly went to the bank and communication, hopes that the bank can give the facts are clear, they also a "clean". But many times no fruit, the bank insisted that they pay off the arrears as soon as possible, otherwise the police, or on the court to prosecute them. For the latest comments on the current banking sector, Ms. Yang said she was able to accept, and expressed gratitude to the intersection of reporters. Today, the Wujiang branch of Shengze has made contact with me, the other side is sincere, so I apologize for the trouble, we communicate and negotiate, as long as the repayment of 29.98 yuan on it." Ms. Yang told reporters at the intersection, according to their later investigation to understand that her salary card was originally held by the company in Wujiang, Shengze East Branch of the open account. At the beginning of the specific card situation, they do not understand, received a public security warning letter, they also went to a special meaning相关的主题文章: