Patrol reminder National Day travel to pay attention to 24 Road hidden Road (video)

Traffic and patrol police reminder: the National Day travel note 24 roads roads hidden from the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic and Patrol Police Corps news: the National Day is approaching, many people plan to travel, wedding, party, zouqingfangyou, sort out the Traffic and patrol police corps the city’s 24 Road roads hidden, remind the festival car travel friends, improve alert to pass through the following sections, slow down, to ensure safety. The 24 hidden sections should pay attention to 1, Wanzhou S202 highway 296 km 200-300: Road collapse, crack. 2, Jiangbei District, Wujiang Road: warning signs is not complete, there is no central isolation barrier, pedestrian crossing the road. 3, Yubei District Jinlong Road overpass, Jinlong Road High School of electronic electronic school to the crossroads interchange section for unmanned pedestrian crossing the road fence, there are security risks. 4, Longhua Road, Yubei District: Longhua Road, Wuling Road intersection of electronic school no pedestrian barrier, accident prone. 5, Fuling highway 103 81KM+650M – 81KM+800M: bend road, low friction coefficient, vehicle to the point can easily spin. 6, Fuling District 204 provincial road wonderful new uplink 150M: long downhill, sharp curve, the lack of safety protection facilities and warning signs. 7, Fuling highway 306 184KM+750M – 184KM+800M: long downhill deceleration and no warning signs and markings, passing vehicles to speed quickly, prone to accidents. 8, Fengjie County Highway 201 sub Jiuliu bridge: the unreasonable design of the accident prone, bend, slope. 9, Fengjie County Highway 201 nine turn: the unreasonable design of the accident prone, bend, slope. 10, Fengjie County, Fengjie Shi Cheng County Road (small names: a bowl of water): no sign of sharp deceleration logo design unreasonable . 11, Wuxi County Highway 301 172km – section 172km+500m: steep bend anxious, cliff water, belonging to the accidents of dangerous sections. 12, Wuxi double Tong Road 39km to the end of the double Tong Road: no collision barrier, prone to fall accident, the road there are a large number of passenger vehicles, school buses. 13, Wuxi County Yingbin Avenue East to the city road bridge forward fountain: Yingbin Avenue East fountain city to advance road bridge, for the long steep downhill, prone to serious traffic accidents. 14, the liberation of Wuxi City Street West gate section: the liberation of the city street west of the road is a steep long downhill, and vehicles, pedestrians, concentrated housing, large and medium vehicles easily out of control, brake failure caused by accidents. 15, Wuxi County Highway 201 at 17km+10M: one side of the road collapsed pavement vacant, this road there are security risks, has been linked to the collapse of the Highway Bureau, is the road to repair. 16, Shizhu S202 line 512KM+200: sharp, linear road is not reasonable. 17, Shizhu County S202 line 555Km+350m: continuous bend and bend urgent, road without metal fence, multiple car accident. 18, Shizhu S105 line 336Km+200m: sharp deceleration zone, damage. 19, the big break in Shizhu County toll station to double Jian Road Link: high-speed road tunnel, sharp, accident prone. The 2 line相关的主题文章: