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Pass the rocket or intentionally chasing Jeremy Lin for fear of the wasp defender – Sohu sports Beijing February 16th Dallas eagle, according to U.S. media reports, the news source said, the Rockets may chase wasp Hou Weilin Shuhao in addition, as potential, Dallas and Atlanta and Jeremy Lin’s home. So far this season, Rockets play poorly, only achieved 27 wins and 28 losses record, temporarily ranked ninth in the west, from now on, the general manager Daryl Morey is actively seeking transactions to strengthen. According to the sources, the Rockets may be chasing Jeremy Lin, who is now the backup guard for the hornets. In fact, last summer, the rockets and nuggets traded guard Lawson, originally hoped that Lawson can share the pressure for harden, however, contrary to expectations, Lawson also from the initial starting to become the current substitute. It is worth mentioning that, last summer, when Jeremy Lin became a free player, the Rockets also gave him an invitation, but eventually Jeremy Lin chose to take a relatively low salary to join the hornets. From the current situation, he made a good decision, and the Hornets also believed that the introduction of Jeremy Lin is a good operation. So far, Jeremy Lin has averaged 26.9 minutes, averaging 12.1 points, 3.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists, shooting 42% and three points, respectively, with and 32.7% assists in the Hornets’ team. For the Rockets, if there is a chance to get Jeremy Lin, then his arrival, obviously helps the team to revitalize the replacement lineup, it is worth noting that Jeremy Lin had played in the Rockets, which may help him into the team as soon as possible. Of course, in addition to rockets, there are other teams in the league are also coveted Jeremy Lin, such as Mavericks and hawks, from the current situation, if the Hornets intend to sell Jeremy Lin, then these teams are likely to throw olive branch. (Fu Yun)

传火箭或有意追林书豪 恐与小牛老鹰争黄蜂后卫-搜狐体育  北京时间2月16日,据美媒体报道,有消息源称,火箭有可能会去追逐黄蜂后卫林书豪,除此以外,像小牛和老鹰也是林书豪的潜在下家。   本赛季至今,火箭发挥不佳,仅取得27胜28负的战绩,暂时排名西部第9位,从目前来看,球队总经理莫雷正在积极寻求交易进行补强。   据消息人士称,火箭有可能会去追逐林书豪,后者如今是黄蜂的替补控卫。其实在去年夏天,火箭与掘金交易得到控卫劳森,原本希望劳森能为哈登分担组织压力,然而事与愿违,劳森也从最初的首发沦为现在的替补。   值得一提的是,在去年夏天,林书豪成为自由球员时,火箭也曾向其发出过邀请,不过最终林书豪选择以一个相对较低的薪金加盟黄蜂。从现有情况来看,他做出了一个不错的决定,同时黄蜂方面也认为引进林书豪是很好的运作。   到目前为止,林书豪本赛季场均出场26.9分钟,能送出12.1分3.3个篮板3.3次助攻,投篮命中率和三分球命中率分别为42.0%和32.7%,在黄蜂队内,他是一大重要进攻点。   对于火箭而言,如果有机会得到林书豪,那么他的到来,显然有助于球队盘活替补阵容,值得注意的一点是,林书豪当初就曾在火箭效力过,这或许有助于他尽快融入球队。   当然除了火箭之外,联盟中还有其它球队也在觊觎林书豪,比如小牛和老鹰,从目前情况来看,如果黄蜂打算兜售林书豪的话,那么上述这些球队很有可能都会向其抛出橄榄枝。   (浮云)相关的主题文章: