Panyu men’s reunion after dinner home found strange men died in the courtyard (video)-isobuster

The Panyu men’s reunion dinner home found a strange man died in the courtyard of Panyu courtyard man was discovered in the residents suspected a thief [posted by "Guangdong radio and television news today" WeChat public number September 16th, copy of "Guangdong radio and television news today the most attention in the WeChat search" cable. The night of the mid autumn night] many old friends are fastidious about one month two reunion, go out to eat family reunion dinner, but this time there will always be people who want to live in Panyu to Nanpu some crooked ways doings, Mr. Yang a, more than 7 points last night after the family reunion dinner to go home, who suddenly found compound at home, a man lying in the middle of the road, there is blood on the floor. Mr. Yang immediately dialed 120 and the police, the doctor and the police arrived, confirmed that the man had died. What is the man who does? Yang Sheng checked his home surveillance video and found the man’s identity questionable. See the surveillance video, the physical strong man, before the accident with caps and white gloves, he climbed over the fence, first in the residential building next to observe a moment, then do not know where to go. Later, Mr. Yang in the external walls of pipes that are shaped, to see the man body and equipment, Mr. Yang speculated that this man is likely to be a thief, he is afraid to see someone back, so I fell down, and found him in a screwdriver and a flashlight. Although nothing was stolen, but in retrospect, Mr Yang still feel scared, because he remembered the year before the end of April, Panyu Dashi happened with the thieves steal was found, and then will be cruel to house all 6 people killed. Panyu police said that the case is still under investigation, and prompted your old friends, when you go out, must lock the doors and windows, pay attention to anti-theft.

番禺男子团圆饭后回家发现陌生男子死在大院 番禺大院惊现男尸 街坊怀疑是个贼 【本文由“广东广播电视台今日最新闻”微信公众号9月16日发布,复制“广东广播电视台今日最新闻”可在微信搜索关注。】前晚中秋夜很多老友都讲究人月两团圆,一起出去吃顿团圆饭,而这个时候总是会有人趁机想些邪门歪道,住在番禺南浦的杨先生一家,昨晚7点多就吃完团圆饭回家,谁知道突然在家里大院发现,一名男子倒卧在路中间,地上还有血。 杨先生一家马上拨打120和报警,医生和警方到场后证实男子已经死亡。那么到底男子是何许人也呢?杨生翻查家里的监控录像,发现男子的身份有可疑。 监控视频中见到,这个体格精壮的男子,出事前带着头套和白色的手套,他翻过围墙后,先是在居民楼旁边观察了一下,之后就不知道走去了哪儿。 之后,杨先生在外墙水管上发现有鞋印,再看下男子身上的装备,杨先生猜测,这名男子很可能是一个贼,看到有人回来他害怕,所以就掉了下来,而且在他身上发现有螺丝刀和电筒。 虽然没东西被偷,但回想起来,杨先生依然觉得好害怕,皆因他记得前年4月底,番禺大石发生过一起盗贼行窃被发现,然后残忍地将屋内6人全部杀害的案件。 番禺警方表示案件仍在进一步调查中,并提示各位老友,外出的时候,一定要锁好门窗,注意防盗。相关的主题文章: