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Overseas Edition wanghailou: "four wheel drive" to drive the trilateral cooperation – View – people.com.cn   August 24th, China foreign minister Wang Yi Kishida Fumio, with Japanese foreign minister in Tokyo Japan South Korea Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi attended the eighth trilateral meeting of foreign ministers’ meeting, the three parties are the intention of promoting cooperation. The foreign ministers’ meeting will help create a favorable atmosphere for the G20 summit in Hangzhou, paving the way for a series of East Asian Cooperation leaders’ meeting to be held in early September. China is the three largest economy in East Asia, to promote the economic development of East Asia, leading the important responsibility of East Asian regional cooperation, maintaining regional peace and stability. Japan and South Korea foreign ministers’ meeting, foreign minister China proposed three party cooperation led by "four wheel drive". The four wheels are: the accumulation of political mutual trust, pragmatic cooperation, enhance people’s exchanges and promote sustainable development. Political trust is the cornerstone and in-depth exchanges. In recent years, experience has proved that the handling of sensitive issues will seriously interfere with the cooperation of the three countries. China uphold the pro Cheng Hui Yung "diplomacy surrounding the concept of good neighborly and friendly policy. Similarly, China also hope that the neighbors return and goodwill, Chinese in opposite direction. Pragmatic cooperation is the inevitable choice of China Japan and korea. Three economic dependence continues to deepen, three benefit from regional economic integration, should accelerate cooperation CJK FTA negotiation process, promote negotiations on regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement was completed on schedule, together to achieve the goals of 2020 East Asia economic community. Japan and South Korea in the same as the group of twenty (G20) is an important member of G20 is regarded as an important platform to deepen cooperation. During the meeting of foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea, Japan and South Korea foreign ministers expressed support for Chinese run G20 summit in Hangzhou, and to China and joint efforts to make contribution to the economic growth of the world summit. In addition to economic cooperation, strengthen cooperation in regional security, but also to the peace and stability in the region, take the responsibility. The three foreign ministers on the current situation on the peninsula are discussed, China put forward the "three no" and "three principles", both Japan and South Korea reiterated the denuclearization of the peninsula China determination, also called on Japan and South Korea Peninsula issue treatment in a constructive manner, to avoid the situation heating up. People’s communication is an important condition for the long-term development of the relationship between Japan and South Korea. At the turn of the country is a blind date, public opinion is the basis for inter governmental exchanges. If you can take advantage of the opportunity to host the Olympic Games, to create the "East Asian Olympic Games", will enhance the friendly feelings of the people of the three countries. The sustainable development of the trilateral cooperation to a new height. China with a global perspective to look at the relationship between Japan and South Korea, hope the trilateral cooperation with the world development situation, contribute to the construction of a common destiny of mankind. Cooperation in the field of small and medium enterprises in the three countries will help the global economy out of the doldrums. At the same time, Chinese focus on guiding trilateral cooperation has more green growth characteristics, and circular economy demonstration base is Chinese in hatch. In China efforts, the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea will achieve good results, the formation of a new consensus, effective control of the differences. As China proposed at the foreign ministers’ meeting of the China program, four wheel drive for the future cooperation between the three countries pointed out the direction for East Asia cooperation injected相关的主题文章: