Oral divorce, I became a sought after blind date object mkdv-02

Oral: divorce me, turned out to be a sought after blind date object concern public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! In order to Zhang Lijuan such a small three, I was shocked – a lot of people feel that I was crazy. So, how do I try out she is true or false to me. Although, the result makes me very sad. There, Mary and Stuart I readily divorce. Of course, I left her house and all the cash. Estimated that the world can not find such a generous ex husband. My mother is a son of mine, which is more nervous than anyone else: "what is it you don’t play. Play a divorce, but also for such a smelly woman." Zhang Lijuan is my partner, we have a lot of common language. She also promised when my lover, so we insist on the first half off. She doesn’t mind, but I still want to make a change. Cause I found a briefcase, Stuart Li condom. Stuart, being prepared pregnant, so don’t use that stuff. So, she is very serious and asked: "Hiroshi, you are not something to hide?" I was a university student and Tu Li, are very understanding of each other. To marry her, but thought is the logical thing. Now I know that love can’t be deceiving. I choose to face it directly: "I fell in love with another woman." "Are you right for me?" I can’t bear the tears of a woman: "Stuart, everything I have to you on the handle." In fact, I know exactly what I need more is my husband. I can’t keep my heart. One is not two wide, their joy. I was happy to tell Zhang Lijuan the news. However, Zhang Lijuan for the first time and I draw the line: "you are really silly, I have not thought about our future. Just happy to count the day. You, what are you doing for a divorce?" She determined to disappear in my world, this is the so-called "empty"? Good things do not go out, this is not a bad thing, but someone invited me blind date. I, but in the eyes of others slag male oh. In this big, say small city, I was as first love spoony seed. I barely go out to meet, the woman is not my cup of tea. But she was very interested. "I’d like to try." "And then." "If you love me, will be enduring as the universe." Another blind woman more funny: "after the divorce, I will treat you." This let me know enough, and the original divorce derailed so wonderful treatment…… The source (Piaoyu Tong blog) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: