Online shopping slimming products must be polished eyes, high risk of precancerous lesions zghd

Online shopping slimming products must polish eyes, precancerous lesions of high risk of weight loss is not a female friend’s "lifelong career", so keep weight-loss market vitality, but also the dragons and fishes jumbled together. Recently, the Hongkong Department of health has issued two copies of slimming products, consumer warning, point to drugs illegal ingredients, one is sibutramine, a orlistat. Both of them used to be weight loss star drugs, but because of serious side effects, one in the world was banned, one in Hongkong as a "diet poison"". Shopaholic Carnival double 11 approaching, to remind consumers, online shopping weight loss products, purchasing overseas weight loss products need to be cautious. "Poison" slimming products, the Japanese label purchased from the network in October 13th, the Hongkong Department of Health urged the public not to buy or take a Japanese label slimming products, was found to contain unlabeled and Western medicines are disabled because the product, after taking the potential health hazards. According to the Hongkong Department of health in accordance with intelligence earlier, from the Internet sellers to buy these samples for testing. The government inspection laboratory shows that the products containing sibutramine". The Department of Health reported that sibutramine is first poison (need under the supervision of licensed pharmacist pharmacy sale), has been used for the appetite suppressant. Because will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, so since November 2010, including "sibutramine" products have been banned in Hongkong. Reporters learned that the main component was a smash hit "Sibutramine" is Chinese sibutramine, food and Drug Administration in October 30, 2010 to halt the drug production and sales in the mainland China, American FDA and the European Union has also been halted before the drug for weight loss. October 12th, the Hongkong Department of Health issued a circular that, in conjunction with the police to take action, arrested a 27 year old woman suspected of illegal sale of a product called ele Slim Shot weight loss products. The product is suspected of containing the label of Western medicine ingredients. Hongkong Department of health earlier monitoring through the market, to an Internet seller to purchase the samples of the above test. The government laboratory tests show that the sample containing first poison "orlistat". The Department of Health said, "orlistat is for the treatment of obesity first poison, side effects include jibian and oil, increased frequency of bowel movements, fecal incontinence, headache and abdominal pain, even can cause serious liver damage. The Hongkong Department of health solemnly urged the public not to buy or use the components or products of unknown source or origin. All registered pharmaceutical products shall be accompanied by a Hongkong registration number in the form of "HK-×"; × × ×". The safety, quality and efficacy of unregistered pharmaceutical products are not guaranteed. Drug administration departments: the illegal increase in the number of illegal weight loss products illegally added ingredients banned repeatedly. Earlier in the online purchasing hot "Thailand Yanhee drug" was found to contain sibutramine. Some media reports, many people take the drug due to health damage, Beijing, a young man to take this product 4 days to lose weight of 19 pounds, but at the same time there are symptoms of liver failure, life is almost gone. October 24th media reports, a Suzhou ~相关的主题文章: