Online games to prevent the abuse of the real name authentication loopholes multi mobile terminal in-dxperience

Anti obsessed network real name authentication vulnerability of mobile terminal regulatory blank original title: anti addiction real name authentication too funny "200 years old" can also register news background children addicted to online games, is the common problems of parents. Mr. Ning said, did not know that children play mobile phone games, found him playing games, or is he a midnight up at 1 in the morning to go to the toilet, wanted to see his son have kicked the quilt, who knows his son playing games in bed drill. First, kids down mobile phone, second or three times that he…… The 14 year old small army was the game fans have been reluctant to go to school, in order to be able to guide the children to put down the game, the small army’s parents counseling psychologist, education experts, but the effect is minimal. Live in Xi’an city Chang scored hotline telling, 15 year old granddaughter read grade, from the second granddaughter started to play mobile phone now, son has hit the 6 mobile phone. "The latest one was hit in the morning of October 19th." The old man said that the child has just been equipped with the phone that semester, the results fell badly, after a parent, her father confiscated the phone. The old man said, children while adults sleep up rummage for mobile phone, "in order to let the children give up, they smashed the mobile phone." Online games, to bring happiness to the children, but also to a lot of families can not bring the pain…… At present, the control of minors indulging in online games, the only channel is the number of players registered through the real name to determine whether or not to be 18 years old. But this is the only channel by many game player sniff at because the system is useless, for many people, many minors to search for adult ID number through the network, through the real name registration, you can bypass the anti addiction system. Recently, the China Daily reporter used the 4 did not have a real name registered in the Tencent website QQ account experience this real name registration, anti addiction system. Select the experience of the game for Tencent’s computer network game heroes union". The reason why the game was chosen to test the real name registration and anti addiction system is a loophole, because the game has this feature technically. In addition, the game must be at least 18 years old can log on experience, not the real name registration of the player or the real name registration information for underage players are unable to log on to the game. Proof of 4 sets of experiments, even if the ID number and the name does not match, can the real name registration success; even if the ID number does not exist, as long as the encoding rules can even be the real name registration system; judge 200 funny game player is not affected in any way. Experiment Name: juvenile real name identity card: minors Real ID card computer terminal intercepted mobile terminal barrier free use of new China Daily reporter QQ 409609× × ×, login "hero alliance" online games (the game is a computer game, blocked end) unable to log in the game. The game prompts the QQ number is not real name registration, and guide reporters to register the real name. Subsequently, the reporter used a 13 year old real name and identity card number, with the QQ number for the real name registration, certification after the completion of the display of the 7相关的主题文章: