One hundred Chinese tour of Jeju Island was black house Consulate General in response to the new net-acbel

One hundred Chinese tour of Jeju Island was "black house"? Consulate General in response to the new network in Seoul in October 8, (Xia Xue) "eleven" during the golden week hundreds of tourists in Jeju Island, Chinese refused entry was "dark room" incident. According to South Korean law, Chinese mainland passport holders can apply for visa free access to Jeju Island, South Korea, stay for 30 days. A lot of tourism ads also claimed that as long as the passport and ticket, you can go to a trip to Jeju Island. So why is this happening? Ben reporter immediately contacted the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju to verify this. Chinese Consulate General in Jeju consul said although Jeju Island repair industry, which belongs to the visa, but does not mean you can direct entry visa. Even if you have a visa, there is the possibility of being denied entry. The immigration review is an inherent sovereign exercise in every country. So for whom allowed entry, South Korea has its own criteria, mainly from the Entry Motivation considerations. If visitors travel documents are incomplete, or suspected of immigration tendencies, will be refused entry. And ye also said that this was refused entry to the situation since the diplomatic relations between the two countries have occurred. With the increase of China ROK tourists to visit Jeju Island, nearly 90% foreign tourists are Chinese tourists, so refused entry number will be relatively increased. In addition, the recent spate of two Chinese tourists in Jeju Island, South Korea made the crime, so the Cheju Airport entry and exit management department to strengthen the review of immigration officers. According to South Korean media reports, in September 17th, a local woman by a man with a knife stabbing Chinese of a church in Jeju in September 9th, 8 in prayer; Chinese visitors beat a local restaurant hostess, caused the cerebral hemorrhage. Frequent occurrence of malignant events in the local panic. South Korean public opinion, the government should reflect on whether to continue to allow Chinese people to enter Jeju Island visa free. Even South Korean netizens launched a petition on the website of the abolition of the Jeju visa free policy, the number of participants has been over two days. In addition, some tourists at the airport for the "black house" held by " " five days of news, and industry said that most of the tourists are to follow the tour charter flights to Jeju Island. According to regulations, from which city, must return from the same city. So those who were refused entry, visitors can tour travel all over, and then on the return flight. And some airlines have regulations, a flight can only accept three repatriated passengers. Coupled with the "eleven" during the golden week flight tension, it led to Chinese tourists stranded at the airport for too long. In order to avoid the frequent occurrence of such incidents, the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju suggested that Chinese tourists to Jeju Island to make full preparations to increase the success rate of customs clearance. In addition to a valid passport, valid itinerary, also need to prepare in advance a hotel reservation form such as auxiliary material, so as not to South Korea to not implement travel grounds to prevent the entry of.相关的主题文章: