Old nine door in the handsome young aide Zhang Mingen is a literary young entertainment Sohu-restorator

"Old nine door" in the handsome young aide Zhang Mingen is a literary young entertainment Sohu – this summer, the legendary drama "old nine door" hit, many netizens audience was small circle of the handsome adjutant powder play smart, Zhang aide who plays Zhang Mingen’s popularity is rising fast, many fans commented "stuck in the adjutant in fact, the small Yan value aide Zhang Mingen more than a Yan value, was a literary young love life. "With the" old nine door "two pairs of eight F4 Buddha bucket assembly under the bucket, as the Buddha trust strong backing, Zhang aide in the tomb Buddha maze entrance to prepare for the event. Two sets do not line, micro-blog is a barrage of "Miss aide" "for the line" that comment, within a week of various fans emerge in an endless stream of homemade video clips, hand-painted graphic works. This is a solution of "old nine door" hero filming Zhang Mingen, in the filming rush, morning micro-blog thanked fans for his support and love, and in a micro-blog with the text original American poet Gary · Snyder’s classic poems. This poem conveys the poet a mind, the true attitude. Zhang Mingen expressed his gratitude for such a poem, that he usually love to read this kind of books, which in his "95 love sports love, Sunshine Youth" label and add a "Fan Art" label, can not help but sigh "is really a fan of art small young" "want to hear the adjutant with the drama cavity poems". In the life of Zhang Mingen love for everyone to call him a "delicacy, chowhound baby", he also agree, but he is not a simple "eat", he will cook their own food, love to cook. The fans want to try the "little adjutant adorable en" craft?相关的主题文章: