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Obama will become the United States "connection" magazine in November, contributing editor of the original title: Obama will become America IT magazine "wired" in November, contributing editor of local time June 13, 2016, Washington, U. S. President Obama called the vice president Biden, director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, James – Komi National Counterterrorism Center Director Nicholas Rasmussen and others at the White House meeting, negotiate the investigation of Orlando shooting club. In August 31, 31 days according to the Russian satellite network reported that U.S. President Barack Obama will become the "professional line" Journal of computer technology (Wired) contributing editor of the November issue of the journal will affect the future research of IT technology on politics. "It will be the first time that the current president has been a contributing editor of the connection" (or any other magazine), the Journal said." The theme of November is "possibility frontier". The magazine said: "as well as" wired ", our forty-fourth president is also a firm optimist. In order to complete the magazine, he hopes to focus on the future, focusing on those who need to overcome the obstacles for human development." The magazine from October 18th this year in a series of kiosks, "connection" magazine website and tablet version issued. According to the magazine, the White House announced that it would hold a special meeting on October 13th, November. The meeting will be held in the leadership of Obama and the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon’s support. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: