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Obama encouraged the anti Trump demonstrators: don’t keep silent – Sohu news Obama: please don’t tell Trump in Russia, Obama berated the Internet recently spread rumors, he did not say "if Trump is not serious about this job, will soon step down". However, he urged Trump not to Russia "solution", appeared in the country against American values and the international norms of behavior, should have the courage to stand up against it. Obama also said that he reiterated his support for NATO’s stance on Trump encouraged. Trump recently selected conservative website Brett Bart (Breitbart News) news before CEO Stephen (Stephen Bannon)? Bannon served as White House chief adviser, has caused great repercussions in the United States, Bannon has been criticized for anti Semitism and racism advocates. Obama on the matter, said: in the campaign to provoke passionate words and deeds, in the United States and the other half of the opponent’s trust may not play a role. The president of the United States is not only to give all Americans the way forward, will also affect the international political structure in many ways." But Obama also said that he is optimistic that, Trump will gradually adapt to the "President" of the work. European countries are paying close attention to Obama’s visit, these countries are waiting for the new president of the United States and the u.s.. President Obama says he wants European allies to ensure that the central principles of the United States have not changed. According to CNN16 news, the Greek capital, Athens, about 3000 people took to the streets to protest Obama’s visit to the United States and foreign policy in a number of countries to create tension, at least 6 people were arrested. Dozens of protesters took part in a protest against Obama’s rally in the centre of the city of London, where demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails at police. The police used tear gas to prevent riots.相关的主题文章: