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November Beijing will welcome the birth peak   three obstetric a hard – social – original title: Beijing, November will usher in a difficult birth peak three obstetrics who lives in Beijing City, Xicheng District Zhang Yun 14 weeks pregnant when found himself, she rushed to the nearby hospital filing, but ran several not built on. Due to this year’s "two children" full liberalization policy, coupled with the folk prefer "monkey" this animal, a baby who was significantly increased, in the hospital building is more difficult than in previous years, some 6 weeks pregnant women to file has also been told there is no beds. In May 2014, the Beijing municipal health and Family Planning Commission of pregnant women after 6 weeks of pregnancy to the communities to build books (maternal and child health records), in order to keep to the hospital. According to the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission responsible person, Beijing from December last year, the number of consecutive built copies number of about 30 thousand people, is expected in November will usher in the peak of growth this year. The hospital archives information opaque, hard to find a bed to provide obstetric three in a pregnancy information service platform for WeChat MUA, a guardian breed "Filing filing detailed and dynamic guide related hospital. Some mothers in the formation of the earlier date file exchange group, the discussion here every day about filing information has many hundreds. Although the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission has pushed for grading filing, but how can the hospital built file is still one of the themes of these mothers to communicate. At the end of August, the reporter went to Tongren Hospital, Peking University People’s Hospital and Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and many other hospitals, found the expected date for the April next year before the filing places are full. Hospital obstetric filing difficult, not started this year, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission data show that before 2015, the average use of three midwifery institutions reached 108%, the two level is 88%. The WeChat platform responsible person, at present, Beijing hospitals filing information opaque, filing process is also different. At the beginning of March found herself pregnant women into the blue, in just over 3 weeks in advance to detect pregnancy after consultation, good home files built near Beijing Hospital. "We must go to the newly discovered late, leaving no go to a building is not on file. 6 weeks to go there must be no." Cheng LAN said. In May this year, the filing of the Wei Xin said: "when I went to Concord International Hospital, found some pregnant women just three or four weeks of pregnancy to build file. Three or four weeks can be measured out early. Different hospitals have different requirements for filing, some require you to have a blood test results, some require you to have the ultrasound results, some requirements to do inspection in the hospital." The reporter learned that, in Beijing, in the part of the hospital after confirmation of pregnancy can make an appointment filing, part of the hospital to 6 gestational weeks to get the "Beijing City Maternal and child health records" before an appointment, as well as some hospitals need to check out the ultrasound fetal heart rate shoots can file. Support relationship, looking for cattle for many pregnant women, select the top three hospitals in order to figure a peace of mind. In order to build on the file, everyone is trying to. Fang Ai told reporters that she was in Haidian District maternal and Child Health Hospital of Beijing city building two hospitals, but eventually the cattle in the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University to hang up the number of experts to build a file)相关的主题文章: