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"North University chemical master seminar was closed for tuition of hundreds of candidates – Sohu news" POS machine school head, cover chapter of the school, with the school, a school teacher office, now tell me is fraudulent?" In April this year, Zhang Yang in Beijing University of Chemical Technology (hereinafter referred to as the North) to pay 36000 yuan tuition, enroll in the master of Engineering Management (MEM) seminar. But in July before the commencement, Zhang Yang received a notice of delayed commencement. North of the administrative micro-blog issued a statement saying that someone using the name of the school training courses, the school founder assist judicial investigation. Contact candidates cheated, Zhang Yang found, and he also experienced in Business Administration (MBA), more than and 300 candidates in mechanical engineering seminar. Candidates who have no communication with the school for many times, Zhang Yang, who decided to hire a lawyer to sue the north, the refund of tuition fees and interest losses. October 26th and November 16th, the Chaoyang District court of Beijing Olympic Village Court hearing the case two times. Students repeatedly verified to dare to sign up in March this year, in the software industry to do the project management of Zhang Yang, in a graduate admissions website to see the north of the master of Engineering Management Seminar enrollment information. Mentioned in brochures, two-year seminar, training fees totaling 60000 yuan, the school must first pay 36000 yuan. In the brochure introduces the curriculum and credit situation, and the national entrance exam training, mention free Hukou policy files. Zhang Yang email, you mentioned, you can first enrollment courses, re examination, candidates for this school opened Easy Access, priority admission. After admission, before the lessons can also be converted into graduate credits. "The price is a little expensive, but there are Easy Access, or very impressive". April 3rd, Zhang Yang came to the north of the science and technology building 308 registration, the sign at the door of the north of the school of economics and management education and training center, MBA, MEM admissions office, a regular teacher is responsible for the reception candidates. There are three kinds of payment methods, one is to the north of the business account, credit card is two, three is to pay cash. "Pay before I left the one that I let each other to provide business account. But often the teacher said that the day is the weekend, can not use the public account, you can swipe card or cash. She also said that she is a teacher of the north, let me rest assured." Zhang Yang credit card to pay 36000 yuan tuition and registration fee of 200 yuan, and got up to single POS Beijing University of Chemical Technology education training center "and built economic management institute north of the seal of the notice of payment". Zhang Yang later learned that there is indeed a student to pay the money to the public account, which also makes him more confident of the authenticity of the seminar. A cover of the candidates to provide economic management institute North words seal demand note. Figure Beijing time to provide a candidate for the Beijing University of Chemical Technology education and training center, POS single. Beijing time payment is completed, the teacher often notice up on the left of my contacts, and let Zhang Yang joined a group called "north of 2016MEM + 2 class")相关的主题文章: