No.306 Hospital successfully passed the army safe and rational drug use supervision and inspection –mp7a1

No.306 Hospital of PLA smoothly through rational drug safety supervision and inspection of health – Sohu Zhao Miao, Shi Ning, Chang Lirong, the PLA No.306 Hospital, the medical department planning department, Department of pharmacy brand quality management office editor PLA No.306 Hospital in November 16th passed the safety supervision and inspection of rational use of drugs. The inspection team led by the Central Military Commission Logistics Department of Health Bureau store assistant, inspection group of experts including the former director of the Shenyang Military Institute Wang Jin pharmacists, the First Affiliated Hospital of The Fourth Military Medical University, director Shi Xiaopeng Yang Mengmeng, director of medicine pharmacists division, the Second Affiliated Hospital of The Fourth Military Medical University, former Lanzhou military institute assistant Ho chi. Check the experts divided into 3 groups, through the transfer of files, on-site viewing, transfer records, questions and so on the spot to the hospital, toxic drugs, narcotic drugs and psychotropic drug management, radioactive drug management, drug management, cold chain management, drug management of hospital preparations for special inspection; check the pharmacy management and Medicine Therapeutics Committee documents system, meeting records, the introduction of drugs for more than 60 copies respectively; drug procurement office, drug warehouse, outpatient pharmacy, Department of surgery, operation room, Department of Anesthesiology, pharmacy of general surgery Nurses’Station, medical imaging department, preparation room, check the drug control room scene, professional questions on outpatient prescriptions and related personnel; check special drug statistics books, staff training records of hundreds of original records. Through a comprehensive inspection, the inspection team that the No.306 Hospital has accumulated a wealth of experience in drug safety management, establish and improve rules and regulations, the daily work of the hospital, self-examination and rectification activities to achieve highly positive outcomes. The majority of patients with drug safety and vital interests are closely related, No.306 Hospital has long attached great importance to drug management, play a positive role in management of hospital pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee in the introduction of new drugs, antibiotics, drug procurement management Interim Management; Department of pharmacy in toxic drugs, narcotic and psychotropic drugs of category a purchase, storage, use and storage the reported loss, etc. strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, follow the "five specialized management; hospital regular training and examination management of special drugs to physicians and pharmacists; radiopharmaceutical drugs purchase, use and return to strictly implement the relevant provisions of the state; nursing Department of safety supervision and inspection group of clinical department regular special drug management; preparation room in the first half of 2016 passed the preparation of inspection work, July new medical institutions The production, inspection, distribution, and distribution of all batches of the product shall have a complete record or report. In June this year, President Xi personally issued the notice on strengthening the army rational drug safety regulation, No.306 Hospital Party attaches great importance to set up by President Gu Jianwen, led by the hospital leaders and relevant discipline experts rational drug safety special rectification leading group, President Cui Yanfu has organized a coordination meeting, formulated the "law enforcement inspection of drug safety No.306 Hospital implementation rules" that knife inward to carry out self-examination, the existence of hospital drug management problems brace bill, rectification. Rational use of drugs in No.306 Hospital.相关的主题文章: